What to Do If You Don’t Have a Privacy Policy

Have you ever visited websites that had privacy policies? Don’t worry if you don’t have one. A
privacy agreement is like a contract between your site and the person who viewed it. If you don’t
have one, then you are probably violating the law because no one can know what you do or say
on your site without your consent.
Even if a privacy policy does not say anything about collecting personal information, it still is
important for you to make sure you don’t violate it. Why? This is because people visit your site in
order to find out more about you and your business and therefore they want to know whether or
not you collect their personal information. If you don’t have one you could be in violation of the
law. You could lose your site and have to pay legal fees. If you are unsure that it will, you need to
read your privacy policy again and double-check everything. Don’t take for granted that all your
customers will read the policy so you won’t have to worry.
If your company has employees, it is a good idea to ask them to register for cookies. These
cookies help to track how often someone visits your site and helps you collect other information
that is pertinent to the operation of your company. Even if your privacy policies don’t specifically
state that you must collect cookies you should strongly consider it. Cookies are a legal
requirement and can be used for improving customer relationships