TTT: Top Books I Was Skeptical About & Loved

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NEWTTTThis week: Top Books I was Skeptical About & Loved!





1. Daughter of Smoke & Bone – High fantasy, magical creatures? Angels, demons? Skeptical, yes.  But oh, how I LOVED it, immensely.

2.  The Help– SO MANY amazing reviews I just didn’t want to be the oddball! But OMG this is one of the best books ever, ever written.

3.  The Weight of Blood– Murder in small town.  Right up my alley, but more literary than not.  Nonetheless, read like a dream and I savored every moment.

4.  The Dirty Life–  The content seemed perfect for me [food & farming] but non-fiction is still tricky for me. But, this was PERFECTION, and made me reconsider some of my life choices in regards to food.

5.  A Discovery of Witches–  A somewhat paranormal adult series.  Talk about terrifying.  But this series is so amazing, and so full of depth and characters that I adore, Deborah Harkness slays me.

6.  Pride & Prejudice– A classic.  A classic AUSTEN.  HAHAHAHA.  Pleasantly surprising is putting it mildly.  The characters, the time, I fell right into step with this beloved novel.

7.  Clockwork Angel– Again, this kinda steampunk-esque series was a bit of a reach for me but it remains one of my most favorite series ever.  AND OH- WILL HERONDALE.. Thanks!

8.  Holier Than Thou–  Not so much that I didn’t want to read this, but more like I was scared it wouldn’t match up to her first, Love & Other Perishable Items.

9.  Lost Lake–  When I read this, it was practically forced on me by Hannah, [all SAA really] and magical realism was a foreign concept to me.  However, I now LOVE IT and SEEK THEM OUT all the time. 

10.  Burial Rites–  I read this novel in basically one sitting.  But, historical fiction was ENTIRELY new to me at that point.  Let’s just say, I never looked back.


  1. I have some coworkers who have been pushing Laini Taylor on me HARD. Thrilled you loved it – that makes me feel so much better about finally grabbing a copy! Same deal with A Discovery of Witches. I bought the first one after hearing NOTHING but rave reviews at work!

    :) I don’t know if I told you this or not, but I bought The Dirty Life because of youuu.

    eee Burial Rites! This one has been sitting on my shelf for ages, C. I WANT to read it and I know it’s going to be a total Leah book, I just need to find the time. I want to get to it sooner than later – especially since, to me, it feels like a perfect winter read.
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  2. Yes, WILL HERONDALE. AND YES, Pride and Prejudice! I was SO SKEPTICAL about reading these two books because they were set in a different time and that isnt something I’m normally comfortable with.

    With Daughter of Smoke & Bone, I was introduced to the world of fantasy in all it’s glory, so yeah, right there with you on that one. Great list, Cass :)
    Madiha @ Symphony of Words recently posted…Review: Dangerous Girls by Abigail HaasMy Profile

  3. Daughter of Smoke and Bone is a pretty great book. I need to get to the last book! I have been wanting to read Pride and Prejudice but keep putting it off.

  4. oooh, Pride and Prejudice. Such a wonderful book. There have been so many books I wasn’t sure I would like either, only to be very pleasantly surprised. I love that when happens!
    Quinn @ Quinn’s Book Nook recently posted…Top Ten Favorite Books to Re-ReadMy Profile

  5. Such a great list! I loved The Help. I read Pride and Prejudice and enjoyed it, but wasn’t going crazy over it or anything.
    Cynthia recently posted…BOOK REVIEW: If I Fall, If I DieMy Profile

  6. I was skeptical of Pride and Prejudice as well, if only because I had to read it for school, and school books, yuck. But it’s one of the few books I read in high school that I actually enjoyed, and set me off on a lifetime love of Austen’s novels. If you get a chance, you should really check out her other novels if you haven’t yet! Some of them are even better than Pride and Prejudice :)
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  7. I loved reading the Dirty Life!!!

  8. I just got Burial Rites and its next on my to read list. I’m glad that you enjoyed it!
    Lindsay @ The Book Baby recently posted…Just Finished: The SilkwormMy Profile

  9. I have the all the books in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy and I haven’t read them yet. I definitely want to get to them this year.
    Emma @ Emma Likes Books recently posted…TOP TEN TUESDAY: Freebie – Bookish ThingsMy Profile

  10. I can only comment on two of these reads. I finally read the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series last year, and I loved it. I LOVED IT. Laini Taylor’s writing is fantastic! And also, Pride & Prejudice is something I read in 2010 and fell for. It’s so good!
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  11. Heyyyy… Remember that time I was responsible for convincing you to read AT LEAST four of these?! I’m the best. Or should I say: thanks for trusting me enough to try stuff that’s out of your comfort zone and/or you’re skeptical of!
    Hannah @ So Obsessed With recently posted…Think Your Own ThoughtsMy Profile

  12. I must admit that I’m still a little iffy about Pride & Prejudice but I really do have to give it a proper go! Same with Burial Rites!
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