Thursday Thought: On Being Meticulous With Time

Posted on Aug 7, 2014 in Discussion, Thursday Thought | 11 comments

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This week we’re chatting: Time management and life organization.

Is this blogging related may be your first question, and the answer is partially.  Its more of a life revamp plan I have going on which was set forth by some job related things, but put into overdrive when Hannah showed me her new planner and I HAD TO HAVE IT.  It was pricey, but for reorganizing your life, is there a price point? I don’t think so.  Anyway, as mentioned in a previous post, I am currently OBSESSING over anything Emily Ley makes, and if you follow me on Instagram you can see some of my recent purchases.


Emily Ley 2015 Simplified Planner

Emily Ley 2015 Simplified Planner


Simplified Notepads: Meal Plan & Grocery

Simplified Notepads: Meal Plan & Grocery

  Anyway, since getting these beauties I’m finding myself wishing it were already 2015 so I can dive in and plan life away! However, I have a planner from this year I am using up til it ends in December [and hating it, mind you, its just not roomy enough!] But let’s talk about budgeting time and what I mean by budgeting it. I am a planner, I’ve discussed this several times over but it remains true, and it makes me very, very happy to plan anything, be it a day trip, a dinner, a meal plan, or blog posts, I love it. It has however escaped me lately just a bit, and I want to get back into the groove.

Due to work I intend on applying some other places and trying to get into a new line of work.  So I am actually keeping track of how many applications I do a day, and trying to meet a certain amount a week.  I feel this will help me stay on task and ultimately and HOPEFULLY land a more fulfilling job. So, anyway, part one is for job follow up.

As we know from previous posts, and twitter, I meal plan my little heart out, and so of COURSE my time is spent cooking and planning meals.  However, I have started doing Sunday Setup which is when I look at everything we have and decide what to make for the week.  Its actually something I’ve come to enjoy, and Pinterest is a lifesaver with finding healthy recipes!

The portion I’m the WORST AT has to be blog post scheduling.  I used to be a champ with this, and I intend to again, but it has gotten away from me, and the blog has suffered because of it.  I want to get back into at least 3 posts a week, and I hope to do so by the Fall.  I’m going to be utilizing Hannah’s blogging sheets for this!  #soexcited.   Let’s hope this helps me plan out  my posts better!  Having pretty things to help plan always motivates me a bit 😉 And hopefully by planning posts I’ll have more time to look at other people’s blogs! Lauren has a GREAT post on organizing your Feedly, which totally helped me out, and another on de-cluttering your Gmail! [This girl is the most organized human EVER, and I love it!]

Budgeting and bills are obviously things I have to write down, and I am TRYING to save more with the hopes that 2015 is an eventful year for me 😉

Time Management

Obviously, I also plan out events I am partaking in, time with friends and family, date nights, major events, birthdays, anniversaries and the like.  However, I intend to budget my time better this coming year.  I want to make time to see my brother, and my friends more, and also to work on some goals I have for myself career wise. 

I don’t want to miss out on things because I have planned my life away, and so I am going to do my best to be open to LAST MINUTE PLANS [guys, I am THE WORST with this] I even lectured my Dad about not giving me ample notice for things.  I stress a lot with last minute things.  But this is something I very much want to work on this coming year.  I dont really care if I have to SCHEDULE free time, this will somehow happen.

Basically, I want to be able to treasure my time with Jon, family, and friends, so I will take drastic measures to be sure that this gets done!

Tell me, what do you plan?  What do you struggle with?  How do you effectively manage your time?


Organizational Tools Mentioned:

Simplified Planner

Simplified Notepads

Hannah’s Blogging Worksheet

Lauren’s Feedly Organization

Lauren’s Email Organization Tips

Sidenote: I had my notepads shipped from Emily Ley and they arrived ONE DAY LATER.  Pretty impressive.  Just a tidbit 😉


  1. Cassie, I love this post! I love organizing too. I am still in University, so during the summers I tend to let things slide a bit, but during the school year I am 100% emotionally attached to my planner. 😉 I love your idea for Sunday Setup and I want to try to incorporate something similar for myself – as well as your idea about job follow-up! I will be looking for a full-time post-grad job soon and that’s a cool way to organize things right into your daily planner. Have you written more about how you organize things in the past? Would love to see more detail!
    Kaitlyn recently posted…{Review} Nowhere But Home by Liza PalmerMy Profile

    • Aw, Kaitlyn you’re too sweet! I haven’t done many other organizing posts, but as 2015 approaches there will be more on EXACTLY how I use my planner and such. Ive done posts on Blog Schedules and Meal Planning though! If you want links, Ill oblige!

      • Thanks for the info Cass – I did some digging through your archives and found your posts on Blog Schedules and Meal Planning! Can’t wait to take a peek! So looking forward to some posts on your planner in 2015… it is probably concerning how much fun it is for me to read how other people organize their planners. 😉
        Kaitlyn @ Bookish Comforts recently posted…{Review} Nowhere But Home by Liza PalmerMy Profile

  2. Is it bad that I laughed because you said you lectured your dad about time?! Heh – I like a schedule for blogging – but the rest of my life is a last minute wreck!!
    Tanya Patrice recently posted…#WeekendReading and a Cocktail {Lethal Lemonade}My Profile

    • Bahahahah I am happy to make you laugh 😉 And I understand! It happens! I try to schedule everything or I LOSE MY SHIT.

  3. I feel like I’m getting better at scheduling posts & having a rough idea of what I want to post for the next few weeks but I always fall down on blogging admin & commenting on other blogs, social media etc so I might just have to set half an hour aside each day for those activities.
    Ciara @ Ciara Reads Books recently posted…Review: The Pink Suit by Nicole Mary KelbyMy Profile

    • Getting better is always good! It takes so much work, but I always feel better when its done!

  4. Timely post for me :) I’m not usually a scheduled person but starting September 2nd that’s going to be changing in a big way. Two of my kids are headed back to school, and then one is staying home with me to do a virtual charter school program. The organization that goes along with this will be intense! Plus this year I’ll have two kids in piano, instead of one, and two kids will also be upping their hockey schedule to twice a week. And my stay home daughter and I will be volunteering at our local humane society for the first time etc etc. My life will be VERY scheduled out of necessity!

    Last night I wrote out our daily morning, after school and evening schedules on large index cards and put them on the fridge, so my husband and kids can see them. That should help streamline things a bit. I even wrote down things like what days the kids have to take showers, lol.
    Finley Jayne recently posted…New Feature {Baking with Finley Jayne} Beautiful Blueberries!My Profile

    • You are gonna be a BUSY LADY! I love the index cards where the kids and hubs can see them, that way its KNOWN. Scheduling is just so helpful sometimes, but sometimes you just CANT, ya know? But I loveee that your kids are taking piano!! :) I did as a kid too and WISH I stuck with it!

  5. Nice post!! This is something I’m terrible at. I am such a last minute kind of person with plans– not that I WANT to be that way, but even when I do make plans in advance I don’t always write them down and then they sneak up on me and I get all stressed! I really hope (have to be) more organized this year. Baby betty #1 starts kindergarten, which will be a huge change! Plus, adding a third kid to the mix is insane. AND you know we are attempting to sell the house, which adds to it all. I did get a new planner, which I think will help, but it’s still pretty basic. I’ll see how this year goes and then maybe upgrade to something more detailed next year. I really need to take advantage of those blogging worksheets. My blog is always pretty messy with planning, but I need to find a way to keep it afloat with a new baby in the house! We’ll see how that goes… lol
    Betty recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’m Not Sure I Want to ReadMy Profile

  6. No wonder we get along so well – we both like being organized with our lives! That being said, I actually went into a funk for a couple of months where I stopped being so neat and organized. I didn’t realize that the lack of (some) order was driving me crazy! Since then, I’ve slowly but surely regained my organizer ways, and have embraced new methods to stay organized!

    IN REAL LIFE – I usually keep reminders on my phone/calendar app. I don’t really use a planner, mostly because I’m extra frustrated with the one I’ve got unfortunately. BUT I was swayed into buying Emily Ley’s planner too, thanks to you and Hannah and I get the feeling it’ll be great for my 2015 organization!

    IN BLOGGING – It’s a handwritten May Books planner for this, and I think it works well. I love that I can keep track of my schedule on there! I also use an Excel sheet for review books, which has definitely contributed to me being on top of things.

    I love the posts you shared from Lauren! I can’t wait to get down and dirty and organize everything on my Feedly :)
    Alexa S. recently posted…Alexa & Judith’s Epic Summer Read-Along || BFF GoodiesMy Profile


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