Review: Golden by Jessi Kirby

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by: Jessi Kirby

Release Date: May 14th, 2013

Love, tragedy, and mystery converge in this compelling novel from “an author to watch” (Booklist).

Seventeen-year-old Parker Frost has never taken the road less traveled. Valedictorian and quintessential good girl, she’s about to graduate high school without ever having kissed her crush or broken the rules. So when fate drops a clue in her lap—one that might be the key to unraveling a town mystery—she decides to take a chance.

Julianna Farnetti and Shane Cruz are remembered as the golden couple of Summit Lakes High—perfect in every way, meant to be together forever. But Julianna’s journal tells a different story—one of doubts about Shane and a forbidden romance with an older, artistic guy. These are the secrets that were swept away with her the night that Shane’s jeep plunged into an icy river, leaving behind a grieving town and no bodies to bury.

Reading Julianna’s journal gives Parker the courage to start to really live—and it also gives her reasons to question what really happened the night of the accident. Armed with clues from the past, Parker enlists the help of her best friend, Kat, and Trevor, her longtime crush, to track down some leads. The mystery ends up taking Parker places that she never could have imagined. And she soon finds that taking the road less traveled makes all the difference

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Finding Your Way

This book was so much more than I had expected.  I read it in a sitting.  Let’s get to the basic rundown.

Parker is who I wish I was in high school.  Perfect grades, great best friend, her life laid out for her.  However, she also has an overbearing mother who doesn’t grant her ANY freedom whatsoevever, even though she is a great kid.  Parker’s best friend, Kat, was wonderful, quirky, and her opposite.  Along the way, Parker has to do some organizing for one of her teacher’s, and she stumbles upon the journal of a town legend.  The catch? That legend died tragically ten years ago.  

In an ethical dilemma, Parker must decide whether to read the journal, or not, and as she learns through this process, this helps her decide much of her future.  Does she listen to what Kat would say, and “carpe diem?” Or does she do the moral thing, and let Julianna’s  thoughts remain unknown.

For once, Parker takes a chance.  

So Quotable:


Beautiful, From Page One.

Yes, I make graphics, and I love to do so.  This book though, it made me want to make fifteen just for this review.  Jessi Kirby’s writing is gorgeous.  Every sentence is perfection.  What I did not expect from this book was the mystery element!  Which, my goodness, I LOVE myself some suspense!  But I just didn’t expect it here and it was perfectly implemented!

It seems to me that chances are a big theme of this book.  Parker doesn’t often take them, but this whole journey was taking a big risk for her.  She had a lot on the line, and she even angers her mother in taking this trip.  But from this, I believe that Parker learns how important it TRULY is to take chances in life, and to live your OWN dreams.

I loved each and every character [minus both Kat and Parker’s mothers.] Even Trevor was perfect and played his role perfectly, Kat was notoriously the schemer, and Parker was trying to figure out her future.  What I got from this book was feelings of broken dreams realized, and a sense of self that can not be explained other than through Kirby’s writing.  While I was reading about Parker’s journey, I was seeing much of myself in things she was realizing for herself, and that is a wonderful thing to be able to get from a novel.  Along the way, we realize that sometimes our dreams and dreams of those we love, get jumbled together.  The most important thing I took away from Golden was to follow your OWN dreams, and to realize those, as soon as you can.

I read and liked In Honor, but this is Jessi Kirby’s breakout hit. She has put herself on my auto-buy list, and I’m sure she will stay there! *Bonus: She’s a country music fan!*


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  1. I’ve been seeing nothing but love for this book. I really will need to check it out soon :) great review!

    • So. GOOD. and thank you ;). I hope you read it!! <3

  2. As you know, I LOVED this book. I thought Jessi’s writing was beautiful, as I did with the book of hers I previously read. But more than that, I found that I could relate so well to Parker! It’s like Jessi Kirby climbed into my brain and wrote about my own experience (sort of ) in high school in a way.

    • I loved it so much, so glad I listened and picked it up [almost] right away! Can’t wait to make EVERYONE I KNOW read it. 😉

      So glad you related! I told you, the writing reminded me of you.

  3. I pre-ordered a copy of this one a couple of weeks ago, and soooooooo excited to read it!!!!

    • did you read it yet!??

  4. I’ve been hearing very, very good things about this book! I have yet to read a bad review about it. When I first read the synopsis for this book, I didn’t give it much thought. But now I’ll have to read it.

    Gorgeous writing, relatable characters, it all sounds great.

    • It truly was a great book, i hope you pick it up!

  5. I feel like I leave the same comment on everyone’s blog who reviews this one! I sooo want to read it and cannot wait to do so! It sounds so perfect and beautiful and all the good things!

    • READ IT!

  6. My copy of Golden just arrived in the mail today! I’ve read Moonglass and In Honor, and I enjoyed both. But I am so so excited for this one. There’s just been so much praise for this book. I can’t wait to read it. Great review! :)

    • Thank you! I hope you enjoy it as well!! [Sorry for late reply!!]

  7. I love love LOVED this book. So happy to see that it’s getting the notice it deserves 😀


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