Tech Talk: Out of Milk App Tutorial / Review

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TECH TALKToday we are going to delve into the app Out of Milk which is my FAVORITE Grocery List app/ deal finder! For the first time EVER I broke out the big kahuna to film this video, so you all better watch in HD! 

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  • Pantry List
  • Deal Finder
  • Categories
  • List Sharing
  • Price Adding


This app is available on iOS, Android, and as a PC Interface!

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 2.51.05 PM


Best Features: Never forget something at the store again! And figure out your cost before you even enter the store!  BUT – my favorite portion of this app is the ability to make categories and color code them.  This allows you the ability to quickly add items, and still know exactly what you need from every section of the store! 


This is also great for: sharing lists, printing lists, or maintaining multiple shopping lists!  In addition, the ability to find sales at your local stores and add the items directly to a respective list is quite helpful.  

-you can add friends and share that way, if this helps you communicate with roommates/significant others better, its definitely a great tool.


Get the App:

iOS | Android


  1. YAY. This combines my two favorite things, organizing & grocery shopping, into a single dangerous app. Am I weird for loving grocery shopping so much? I think it’s relaxing, especially when I’m able to go on my own – for the very first time a few weeks ago I brought my ipod with me and listened to an audiobook. Heavenly.

    So, yes, I am definitely downloading this & I LOVE that you can share lists! Although Matt and I enjoy shopping together, more often than not, we’ll head out to grab a few things after we get off work. He has a set schedule, I don’t, so usually it’s solo missions. Sharing a list would be fantastic.
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    • So NO you’re not weird for loving grocery shopping! I DO TOO. Its like my time to relax and be around ALL THE FOOD. So I think we should both love it for that alone!!

      I go shopping myself because i’m the LIST KEEPER. I send Jon the list and see if he needs anything added, so that works out for us. I wish we could go together but its just EASIER for me to do it myself Fridays after work, before it gets too chaotic up in thurrrr.

      Jealous of your together shopping !

  2. I love this app! It’s one of the few I use. Hubby actually told me about it. I love that he and I can still shop together, separate and get different things off of the same list and with the sinc feature, we won’t double up on anything! Thanks for putting the video up, there are a few people I told about this and some more I want to share with.

  3. I LOVE THIS!! I’m going to give it a shot. Thanks, Cassie!
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    • OH YAY! this makes me so happy!!!

  4. I always wish I were more savvy about my grocery shopping! Out of Milk sounds like a great app, and I loved seeing your tutorial. I might just have to consider using this for future grocery trips :)
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  5. I see this post is a bit older so I do not know if you will reply. Thank you for the great video. I am wondering why you did not show how to use the scan portion of the app. Do you ever use it? It was one of my favorite features about this app although I am still learning how to use it properly.


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