Liza Palmer Party: The Decor

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lizapalmerpartyAs you know – Hannah and I are having a bit of a Liza Palmer Party this week! We are celebrating the release of Liza’s new book, Girl Before A Mirror.  It deserves SO MUCH LOVE.  You’ll be getting music, food, book recs, gift guides, and wallpapers this week.  Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite quotes from the novel in the form of… you guessed it, phone wallpapers!  Ladies and gentlemen… welcome to the


Liza Palmer Party: The Decor

All you need to do is download the wallpaper you like [links at the END of the post] and set it as your phone wallpaper!

“I’ve Been Laid Bare Before You, Darling”


“Broken People Make the Best Heroes”GIRLBEFOREAMIRRORWALL“You Can Be Great & Have Great Love”youcanbegreat2Download- Darling Wallpaper

Download- Heroes Wallpaper

Download- Great Love Wallpaper

These will all work on iPhone 5 and 6.  I believe the Galaxy series will also work, if you need anything resized, contact me and I’ll handle it for you!  I hope you love these! They were so fun to make and just showcase a FEW of Liza’s incredible quotes in Girl Before A Mirror!

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