Liza Palmer Party: The Invite

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Liza Palmer Party: The DecorSo, in celebration of the release of Girl Before A Mirror, Hannah and I have concocted some fun posts!  This time around we’re putting our OWN spin on this weeks Top Ten Tuesday post!lizattt

issuestttAnna’s brother, Ferdie is one of the best characters in this book, but he has some real issues.  I won’t tell you what they are exactly, but it is hard on him, and Anna to deal with this turn of events, and it is emotionally devastating to see the TINY role Anna and Ferdie’s parents have played in their life.
romancecontttSTOP with this setting.  Half naked men, cocktail parties, and great laughs.  This setting made the book so funny, but it was also something I can VISUALLY see half my romance loving friends going to each year!relatablettt I truly believe that Liza Palmer lives inside my brain.  I would guantee half of you will feel the same upon reading this book.  She gets inside there and pulls at those insecurities, and in the end, she makes you feel like you can handle ANYTHING.  Because Anna and Sasha can.  So WE CAN.  siblingrelationshipstttI love LOVE in all its forms but the purest form is a sibling relationship.  And Anna and Ferdie basically had me at hello.  I love them, I love the respect and admiration they have for each other, and I love that no matter what, they have each other’s backs.  THAT IS LOVE.  OKAY, I’m crying again.quotabilitytttWOW.  Liza had some great lines in Nowhere But Home, but THIS ONE? Hannah and I couldn’t quote it enough!  There are beautiful, beautiful lines in this book that you should basically have framed.  This woman… she slays me.humoroustttOH Anna and Sasha are FUNNY.  Sasha herself is just a barrel of laughs, but you add in Anna and her humor and the setting of Romance Con? GOLDEN.honestytttI love Liza because she writes flawed characters.  No one is perfect, I stated that in my review.  But Anna, Sasha, Ferdie, and Lincoln? SO FAR from perfect.  I think that’s because Liza writes honestly.  And realistically.  And I love that in a  book.  empoweringtttAgain, at the end of Girl Before A Mirror, I had a real GO GETTER attitude!  I felt like I could take on the world and no one could get in my way.  She empowers us with her words, and Anna and Sasha thrive in this novel.  They grow, they learn, they just become who they always were supposed to be.. and, I’m crying again.  thementttWhile there’s REALLY only one MAIN guy, I’m counting Ferdie too.  But LINCOLN is PERFECTION.  Without being actually perfect.  Make sense? NO? Okay.  It doesn’t matter, this man has it all and I am in love with his character!theemotionstttI mean lets get real, I cried twice writing this.  Can we tell it is a tear jerker?  Get on it, guys.

Still need convincing? Read my review.  


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  1. Okay, so I love you and Hannah, but you’re seriously killing me. I am SO ready for this book (it’ll be my first Palmer – I KNOW) and have been refreshing my library’s site obsessively…but still nothing. AM I GOING TO HAVE TO BREAK DOWN AND BUY IT???
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