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THURSDAY THOUGHT This Week We’re Talking: Audiobooks, and Audible.

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So, Im a bit late to hop on the Audiobook train, and I blame this on my change in jobs [November].  I have the freedom at this job to listen to music, or an audiobook, which I had not previously had the opportunity to do at my prior position.  And so, I began with Grave Mercy, and was MEH about it, [LOVED the print version!] but then a few months later, I listened to and LOVED Cherry Money BabyThe audio was perfect and it got me hooked. [Review]

Most recently, I listened to A Discovery of Witches, and Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness.  Both books are about 600 pages in physical form, and I’m easily scared off by big books.  So, audio seemed like the perfect solution!  AND ALAS, FOLKS, IT WAS!  After finishing up Shadow of Night, I was on the hunt for a new audio, and finally just this evening settled on The Kitchen House.  It came highly recommended by both blogging and in real life friends, and I am very much enjoying it to so far!

Now, lets get onto HOW I listen, which most of you would assume, and be right, is via Audible.

If you haven’t listened to an audiobook before, have no fear! They have a no commitment free month where you get to choose any audiobook and listen free of charge! Then if you don’t like it, you can cancel and no charge will occur.


What I Use To Listen

 My Galaxy S4 Phone!  2014-03-12 18.17.39

The phone apps for Android and iPhone both have Whispersync, which means they obviously keep your place, but BETTER YET they have the ability to sync with the Kindle version of the book as well! So for example.

I’m at work, I leave off in my audiobook at page 123 at 3:52PM.

I get home, open my Kindle Paperwhite and tap the book, and it syncs to page 123!

MAGIC! [or close enough!]


The Features

Other than the Whispersync for Voice I am IN LOVE with the Sleep Timer.  We get options of 30/60/90 minutes, or even End of Chapter.  I usually do end of chapter, because I will fall asleep and don’t want to miss anything!

  • As Hannah and The Bookish Manicurist state, buying the Audible and Kindle Copies offers up a SEVERE discount, and many perks!
  • Terri  loves using the app and reading long books via Audible!
  • Loretta loves that you can skip backwards a bit if you miss something!

Just for FUN Audible also has Listener Stats, and Badges you earn from things like, listening 7 days straight, listening on the weekend, or listening at noon-time!  Just a fun thing to keep you wanting to listen more :).  Of course you can listen without having a membership, but audiobooks ARE quite expensive, so! If you are going to be listening a bunch, I do recommend investing in a subscription plan.  Now, lastly…


Why I Love It

As I said earlier, I can listen at work.  And BOY does a great audiobook make a work day fly on by!  That in and of itself is enough to make me thank audiobooks for existing.  But also, since moving at the end of February, I extended my daily commute, and courtesy of my car having Bluetooth, I listen in my car as well.  It makes me anticipate driving to and from work, and plus, I’m getting reading done while being productive!  The app is perfect because of all the features mentioned above, and also because it has the ability to SPEED UP or SLOW DOWN the narration.  Being me, I normally speed mine up, and I love it!  SO, lets get on into what the subscription plans are:

2014-03-12 14.07.08 1

If I’ve convinced you of ANYTHING today it should be to at LEAST check out the Trial of Audible and make your decision from there, hell, its free! What do ya got to lose?

NEW TO AUDIBLE: listening right from the site! This is great for if your phone or other device is charging and not near you, you can log on to your account on the website and listen right from there!


ALERT: For EXISTING Audible Listeners!

After chatting with Audible, they’ve decided to give TWO lucky readers a free credit!  Enter the giveaway to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Do You Listen to Audiobooks?  What are some of your favorite audiobooks?  How about features?!

THURS THOUGHT:What We Don't Talk About..DNF-ing


  1. I recently got back into audiobooks, after a lengthy hiatus. I agree with you that not all audiobooks are hits; for me, it really depends on the narrator. I can recall one audiobook in particular where the narrator’s voice lifted at the end of each sentence, almost like she was asking a question. It annoyed the crap out of me.

    I download audiobooks from my library via an app on my phone. You should check your library out and see if they have downloadable audiobooks — I’m sure Audible is awesome too, but mine are FREE!
    Melissa @ Writer Grrl Reads recently posted…Ask Again Later – Liz CzukasMy Profile

    • There are some narrators that sound just too robotic to me! So totally feel ya on that as far as library audio it’s VERY hard to get ur hands on anything decent at our local library but I so try !

  2. I think audible is one of my top two favorite non-essential things ever (the other is Netflix). I love the way I can chat in and immediately have a question answered (because I’ve had to do that a time or two) and I LOVE that they have the big sales on audiobooks that you own already in Kindle format – I buy a TON of these and listen almost all the time. Like, literally, I wear my earbuds inside of my shirt because I listen for the majority of the day. I horde my credits for the audios that are more than the cost of the credit and I buy ones that are less. And I’m (almost) embarrassed about how long my wishlist is. I check it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. to see what has moved in sales. I am an audible crazy person (and I’m the same way with Kindle books). Seriously, audible is way up there in best things ever. Glad you’re loving it. I’m always interested in what makes a person decide to buy the audios that they buy – for me, I buy ones that are on sale/daily deal or I horde my credits for ones I know I’ll re-listen to or are extremely long (and will probably re-listen to anyway).
    Asheley (@BookwormAsheley) recently posted…The Boyfriend List by E. Lockhart Review {with Audiobook Notes}My Profile

    • I can’t even with this. I love the chat option with customer service. As the customer service itself is amazing. I mean heavens sake they called me to check in last time I had an issue. Like WHAT? ! AMAZING. I also love that we can pre order audiobooks. Come on. I need to add to my wishlist as well as figure out some of my own fave narrators. But I am loving all the narrators in the kitchen house so far! Your comment made me super happy

  3. I think if I tried to list some of my favorite audiobooks I would get a little long-winded but my favorite narrators are Nick Podehl, Khristine Hvam, MacLeod Andrews, Will Patton, Emma Galvin, and Dan Bittner. Yeah, favorites. Wow. Get me going about something I love, why don’t you.
    Asheley (@BookwormAsheley) recently posted…The Boyfriend List by E. Lockhart Review {with Audiobook Notes}My Profile

  4. Cassie, this is legitimately the most wonderfully informative post. I am clearly clueless on the topic of audiobooks, so thank you for enlightening me. Now I want to give the trial a go but I have no idea what kind of book I should start with.
    Liz (Along for the Read) recently posted…Review: Don’t Even Think About it by Sarah MylnowskiMy Profile

    • Definitely do the trial! Some suggestions for your first audio would be doing a Kindle book you already have so u can read along if you find it overwhelming just doing audio. Or doing a reread so you don’t feel lost since you’d already know what was occurring!

      A great one was Cherry Money Baby but I’ve also heard sensational things about Daughter of Smoke and Bone! Really depends on what you like .You can sample the audios on the site too!

  5. Unfortunately I cannot listen to audio books at work for several reasons, including having to listen for the darn phone! I do love audio books for my commute though. :) Maybe I will invest in an account after my wedding expenses are over. :)

  6. I started listening to audiobooks last year after thinking for the longest time they were the most horrible thing ever to exist. My opinion of them has changed completely, I really love audio books now and audible is a great place to get them. My current favorite audio books are The Hollows series by Kim Harrison, but I’ve listened to plenty of others I have enjoyed and others that weren’t all that great.
    Sarah recently posted…Book Review: Days of Blood & StarlightMy Profile

  7. Alright… I need to try this. I HAVE NEVER LISTENED TO AN AUDIO BOOK. I’ve listened to my soap on the radio before– so I guess that would be similar as far as it feeling kinda weird at first! I think my issue is that if I were to do this I’d probably be not use headphones, which means baby bettys would be listening and not all of my books would be appropriate! hahaha I think I will give one a go though… probably one that I’ve already read so that I can get a feel for how different it will be!
    Betty recently posted…REVIEW: Maybe Someday by Colleen HooverMy Profile

  8. I love to have a book playing in my car. LA traffic is a mess but I have ZERO road rage and drive slower when a good audiobook is on. Thanks for the giveaway. ~From a Audible Super Fan!
    Alysia @My Little Pocketbooks recently posted…Thoughtful Thrusday: Literary TropesMy Profile

  9. I love listening to audiobooks while walking and for the past few months I’ve been training to walk my first 1/2 marathon, so I’ve been doing quite a bit of long distance walks. I like listening to psychological thrillers – Iris Johansen’s Eve Duncan series is great audio and so is Lisa Gardner’s DD Warren series. I listened to all three of Chevy Stevens’ books – perfect on audio! I also did Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series on audio – very funny and entertaining – perfect for audio!!!

    I’ve found women’s fiction/chick lit is also good on audio. Some authors I’ve found that work on audio have been Kristin Hannah’s books, Sophie Kinsella’s books, Nora Roberts’ romantic suspense books, Nancy Thayer’s books and Sarah Addison Allen’s books.

    I used to only get my audio books from the library – only getting the cd’s and listening either in the car or in the house using a cd player, but then I got a little tech savvy and started using Overdrive and putting some of the audios on my iPod. Then I finally bit the bullet and got a subscription to Audible and I love it!!! I have the Samsung Galaxy S3 and I listen while at the gym, in the car, while cleaning – it’s so easy. I haven’t tried getting the kindle version of the book – but might do that soon.

    Great post and thanks for the giveaway!!!
    Kristin T. recently posted…Review: Saved by the Belles by Beth AlbrightMy Profile

  10. I’m fairly new to Audible. My favorite so far has been Doctor Sleep by Stephen King, the narration was so good and really contributed to the overall creepy factor. I absolutely love the whisper synch feature, that way I have my current book on all my devices.
    Thanks for the great post.
    Jo Lacey-Wood recently posted…Review: Her Summer with the Marine by Susan MeierMy Profile

  11. I love audiobooks! Currently I get books via my library’s digital collection, which is limited for audiobooks (good but limited). I would love to be able to get ALL the books by using Audible, but can’t justify the price … yet.
    Tanya Patrice (@tanyapatricexo) recently posted…{Digital Lifehack} A Password Management System With eWallet Mobile AppMy Profile

  12. How do I love Audible? Let me count the ways…..

    1: It makes work so much more interesting when an audiobook is playing
    2: It keeps me focused and shuts out outside distractions
    3: I can listen while quilting
    4: I can listen while crocheting
    5: I can listen while walking (WOOT WOOT #BookBlogWalkers)
    6: I can listen while cleaning (makes it less annoying)
    7: I can listen while doing blog work
    8: Audible app on phone and fire play at 2x speed
    9: I can sneak books in when doing other things
    10: The narrators are amazing
    11: The quality in the last 5 years alone has risen to epic
    12: I am an old pro at listening (my dad got me hooked in the early 2000′s)
    13: Book/Audio synching aka da bomb aka Whispersync (ENOUGH SAID)
    14: The amazing deals
    15: Affordable credits
    16: Ability to return for any reason (don’t use this often but nice to have)
    17: Ability to know what I am getting my dad every Christmas
    18: Ability to know what I am getting my friends for birthdays
    19: The samples are great in helping to decide
    20: The Audies: Fun to see what they think are the best

    I could go on but you knew I was a fan :)
    Felicia the Geeky Blogger recently posted…Book Blog Walkers: Weekly Check-in March 14 2014My Profile

  13. I love Audible. It is by far the best way to audio. I use the app on my phone too.

  14. I love audiobooks!! I just finished These Broken Stars from Audible and I loved it. The two readers were really good and they even added some special sounds for the pre-chapter blurbs. It was awesome!
    Kat recently posted…Daughter of Smoke and BoneMy Profile

  15. I recently started to get into audiobooks when I’m commuting to school. I’m currently listening to White Cat by Holly Black which is narrated by Jesse Eisenberg. I really enjoy his voice. Listening to audiobooks is always hit or miss with me, I think it depends on the voice and I get impatient when the narrator is a bit slow. Therefore the feature mentioned above to speed up the narration would be awesome! Thanks for this informative post, I’ve been wondering about audible and if its worth checking out. I think you’ve got me convinced that it is.
    Katie thebooksphere recently posted…Let’s Talk Books | Appreciating Books Before & While BloggingMy Profile

  16. Oh, Cass you know I am trying to love these :) This is a wicked post though!!! When I’m moving/packing/unpacking I am hoping to knock off a few so I am scouring the library already for some eligible lovelies <3 Here's to hoping I fall in just as much love as you!!!
    Lauren @ Lose Time Reading recently posted…Review: Foretold by Rinda ElliottMy Profile


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