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 This Week We Talk: Non Bookish Content.

So, the past few weeks I have had various conversations with several of my close blogging friends, all of these conversations have inspired this weeks thought.

This week, I want to know, how do you guys FEEL, like REALLY FEEL about book bloggers having features, and posts, about get this.. things other than books.  Clearly, I do this, with Book Bites, but even then, books are incorporated.  But PLENTY OF PEOPLE have non-bookish content.  First people that come to my mind, are Betty with Eco-Betty,  Estelle and Magan with On A Personal Note and Jamie with her Beyond the Pages [a new but awesome feature!]


Since the beginning of reading book blogs, I have liked more personal posts, and posts that go outside the typical book blogging posts.  I love finding out more about people, whether that be on a more personal note or just things that matter to them, and they are interested in, in Betty’s case, a lifestyle choice.  Now, I have done my BEST to show a lot of myself here on the blog, but when it comes down to it, everything still revolves around books.  Whether that be, involving music for Playlist Factory or including cooking for Book Bites, I have ZERO posts about just me.  Or just photography even!  

Why?  Fear.  I’m not as brave as Jamie, and I can’t bare all as she can.  I have a few people I tell personal things to, but other than that, I kinda freak out and think that I’ll be judged.  And I envy that some of you can do this, because I can’t.  Maybe one day. I don’t really know..

The point of all this?  I want to know how you see it.  Do you enjoy non-bookish posts, like I do?  Do you write them?  LINK THEM UP! I would LOVE to read them! And how do you feel about all this?  You know the drill:

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  1. YOU CAN DO IT. I have a moment of FEAR every time I hit schedule or publish on one of those posts or personal ones that I did before in the past but I’m like WAIT I trust my readers they are awesome.’s your blog. Do it. I felt like I needed more of that side of my life on there so I did it. I don’t get where this notion has come from that our blogs can ONLY be about books but it runs rampant and it kills me bc we have more going on in our lives than books. I don’t think everyone wants to or SHOULD be as open as I am but I think there is nothing wrong with adding things about your life or other hobbies. I LOVE Betty’s EcoBetty features and, knowing her IRL, I know that kind of stuff is a huge part of her life so I feel like it really helps to represent a more full view of herself. You don’t need to necessarily get personal to show people who YOU are. :)

    So in all…I LOVE LOVE non-bookish posts. I mean, sure, sometimes they don’t interest me depending on the topic but I appreciate the non-stringent ALL THINGS BOOKS approach. We are book bloggers but there’s more to most of us so if you feel like showing it…yay! If not, that’s cool too! I just hate that people feel like they can’t

    • I would FREAK OUT. Hahah, I’m an extremely open and honest person, I just have a fear or being judged for who I am. [Which, when you think about it.. is really stupid] If people don’t like me once they get to know me better, than they can stop coming to my blog. True? True. Hahah.

      I think it is ridiculous that people dont REALIZE they CAN post non-bookish posts. I love that you do. Truly and honestly, I do. I comment on like, all of them. And I entirely agree about Betty too, its so important to her, so why NOT show it?

      I think we all need to get just a BIT more personal 😉

  2. I don’t normally post non-book-related things… mostly because I think “Oh, no one wants to hear about that!” But then when other bloggers post about their personal lives or interests, I’m TOTALLY wanting to hear more! I feel like it’s helped me to connect – even if just in my mind – to others and realize that I’m not alone in my thoughts or actions. I try to incorporate a lot of myself into my book posts… how things relate to me personally, issues maybe I’ve had in the past. Sometimes it’s nice to connect with others on non-book related things.

    What I’ve tried to keep in mind, especially recently, is that I’m not a professional blogger. I’m not paid to write about books, therefore I’m free to write about whatever I want. Do I stray from books? Not really, because it’s something I’m passionate about. But I feel like this is a good outlet for other passions, for connecting with people who have similar ones.

    There are things, however, that I don’t want out there. Would I have problems with telling them to people? No, not at all. But I don’t want them out there for the WORLD to see. I admire Jamie for letting her blog be an outlet for her. I wish I could do that sometimes. But, like you, I think I’m fearful of what others may think or, even worse, what I may think after seeing it all written out.

    But if you have a passion, let it out on here! Share it with us that only know you a little bit… who knows? You might reach someone who has been looking for someone to bond with over your passions! :)

    • You weren’t kidding about a novel post! HAHAH.

      I literally agreee with every statement you have made. IT IS SCARY, and it can be too much for some of us.

      But I say, if you can do it, DO IT!

  3. YES to this post. My blog actually STARTED as a personal blog, but I got more and more sucked into the book blogging world and finally I just SUCCUMBED to the book content.

    I LOVE when bloggers shares their own lives like Jamie does, but often feel like no one would be interested in MY own posts about my life– because I’m not comfortable sharing the BIG stuff (which there isn’t actually a ton of), so my posts would largely be relegated to things like LOOK I LOVE TO WRITE or HEY GUYS I DID THIS FUN THING THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOURS INTERESTS. And I feel like that’s no fun for my readers if I can’t pull it back to books, blogging, or nerddom somehow.

    It wound up bugging me so much that I created a separate personal blog for stuff like that– because even if no one’s interested in my boring life, I like writing about it 😉

    But yeah, I like reading those posts, a LOT. And reading this discussion kind of makes me want to incorporate at least a little more into Almost Grown-up… but we shall see!

    • This makes me happy and sad at the same time, Jen! I would love to read your personal posts! And as we have all discussed, its YOUR BLOG.

      IF they don’t wanna read that post? Let them not! No one has BIG COOL INTERESTING THINGS going on all the time! But I like to hear what’s going on in your ACTUAL life, and especially since you write about it ANYWAY, why not share!? 😉

  4. I think we forget that book blogging came out of our personal passion and love of books. It’s nice to see things personal or about other things on the blog. I like reviews but I visit blogs for posts like these. Posts that question, discuss and give a personal spin to topics and offer a human face to the blog. I talk about random things on my blog sometimes that have nothing to do with books. :)

    • VERY TRUE. And thank you, I’ll take that as a compliment!

  5. When I first started blogging years ago it was with a personal blog. Then I got boring and didn’t have anything to blog about on a regular enough basis to justify keeping it up at all.

    I love reading personal posts! Even if it’s a review that gets personal – like, if someone likes/dislikes something in a book because of a personal experience they’ve had. I like having a sense of who a person is so they’re not just a disembodied review. I was doing a series on Sundays (a day a don’t normally post) that was all personal posts,

    I think it can be hard to find a (perceived, probably) balance as a “niche” blog, but at the end of the day, it’s your blog. Do whatever you want with it. If people are coming only for the reviews – the reviews aren’t going anywhere. They can scroll past whatever they don’t like.

    • Agreed!!! People can skip over what they don’t like. And I didn’t know you used to have a personal blog, At least you found your way here!

  6. Hi, I just found your blog (and followed you on twitter) because one of my other twitter friends RT’ed this post. I’m actually incredibly new to book blogging because I used to be a fashion and lifestyle blogger, where all I did was write about personal stuff. So stumbling into this book blogging world was kinda refreshing after some of the issues I faced with lifestyle blogging (mainly issues with personal posts, personal attacks… stuff like that).

    I do find that when I write my book blogging posts on my (new) blog (which actually started out as a toned down personal blog when I quit fashion/lifestyle blogging) that I include a lot of personal stuff (most of my reviews aren’t even about the book itself, but how I related to it), and I randomly post about what’s going on in my (boring) life since I moved out of the big city into the countryside.

    So for me, I like a mix of both personal (with however personal the blogger wants to be) mixed in with the book talk. Since my blog is new (for book blogging) I’ve had to tell myself not to go all crazy with diving into the world (like I did with fashion/lifestyle) and just do whatever I want and enjoy it.

    Anyway, great post :) Here’s my blog if you wanna check it out:

  7. I’m new to book blogging, but I’ve read book blogs off and on for a while. I enjoy personal posts, it adds more interest for me. It also might shed light on their opinions of books sometimes. I enjoy reading about anyone’s life because I am really curious or nosy lol.

    • Very good point! And welcome to blogging :)

  8. I love reading personal posts. I love how it gives you a deeper peek into someone’s life. Like, there are a ton of bloggers I consider friends, but I obviously don’t know a ton about all of them outside of books. There are some I’m pretty close to, but otherwise most of my friendships revolve largely around books.

    On the other hand, I don’t think I could ever write a personal post on my blog. I’m going to sound totally vague here, but there’s A LOT going on in my personal life that I just don’t feel comfortable sharing. I have a difficult time opening up with people in my life as it is, so I really don’t think I could do it with basically the whole world. I mean, yeah I’ll always share that I’m super girly and boy crazy and spend way too much money shopping. Those kinds of things are easy for me to share, but otherwise I’m pretty closed off. I really do hope that one day I’m as brave as people like Jamie to share more about me with you all, but it’ll definitely take time.

    • I’m exactly the same way as you Rachel! I love reading them, but I’m closed off too, other than showing my personality THROUGH my posts. I don’t think deeply personal posts are going to be seen here.

      So I understand and respect your decision 😀

  9. I also love when other people do personal posts, but I never feel like I have anything interesting to say that people would ever want to read, so I’ve never taken the plunge myself. I like how lots of people, and I think Jamie’s really good at doing this in particular, will take a personal post but still find a way to tie it back to books and reading, regardless of what it is. So you can still tell that you’re on a book blog, but that personal element is still shining through.

  10. I think it’s awesome to have non-bookish posts because it gives the blog more personality, for sure. The thing about it is, if it’s a really specific topic, like Betty’s Eco Betty posts, if people are completely uninterested, would it be worth it? Would you get comments? Or would you attract a whole new group of readers that may come there for that and ignore the bookish side? Yeah, I dunno. I guess I’m glad that I’m such a one trick pony and wouldn’t even have the inspiration for non-bookish posts, haha.

  11. I like reading non-bookish posts but I’ve never dare venture into writing one myself. It does give a blog more of a unique personality and I’d love to write some in the future.

    I love reading Jamie’s posts and somehow, a little aspect of it relates to books which is just awesome. In the end, it really just depends on what is the non-bookish post is about.

  12. I would love to do more personal posts – I’ve written blogs before this one that focused just on my real life – but somehow, I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. Or how I want to do that yet. I really do love them, because I love to get to know people better. But the thing is that I like the focus on books, at least right now since I haven’t been blogging for that long. And if I ever feel the need to write a personal post, I will do it. Because it’s MY blog. This comment is incoherent and ranty. Whatever. <3

  13. I am totally late with this comment, but I LOVE when book bloggers include non-bookish features on their blogs. I like getting to know about other random hobbies and interests, or even just personal stories.
    Sharon @ The Book Barbies recently posted…Top Ten Favorite Romances Not Written by Lisa KleypasMy Profile

    • Better late than never!!
      I agree. I think it’s so fun to see more of a person!


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