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TECH TALKUp this week: Evernote for Audiobooks and Blogging

Evernote for AudiobooksFirst, let’s go through the video:

I adore Evernote when listening to Audiobooks [usually from Audible!], and when scheduling some posts, or creating ideas on the go!  Here are some screenshots of the Mac Application.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 2.36.45 PM

Here you can see the overall layout, and the note view as well as large view on the right.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 2.37.21 PM

Here the amazing formatting is presented as well as the simplicity and streamlined design of the Mac App!



So, Why Evernote?

I explain a ton of this in the video, but for me, listening to audiobooks wouldn’t be possible without Evernote.  I don’t have a bad memory by any means, but I’m also not the best with remembering everything I hear.  With Evernote, I just make a note for each audiobook I hear and I add in character names, plot elements, dates, anything I need to remember!  

Voice Notes are AMAZING.  You can include voice notes which I LOVE as an option.  On the go but heard something you want to remember? Voice note is included RIGHT in your Evernote Note!  Its pretty awesome.

Formatting is key sometimes.  Sometimes it simply DOESN’T matter, but others it does. Highlighting and bolding things are great ways to remember key points.  

Tagging notes is probably my favorite thing so I can keep track of what Audio’s I read, and what Post Ideas I have created.

Sharing is caring!  Sometimes you’re reading with a friend, send them your notes so you can make sure they got all the key facts too!  

Reviewing audiobooks is made easy with Evernote! If you use Audible for your audios, you know adding bookmarks and notes is super easy and you can utilize that feature when plugging everything into Evernote!  Never forget something again!  I simply ADORE it!  


Get it!

Evernote for

iPhone | Android | Mac | PC

Check out: Audible for your audiobook needs!  They are truly wonderful!

And better? They’re giving YOU a chance to win two free audiobooks!
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  1. I think it’s so well-timed that you posted about audiobooks right when I sent you a tweet about them. (You’ll see it later, I’m sure.) But really, I’m a total newbie to audiobooks, since I’ve only ever read one (which I adored, by the way). I don’t know if I’m ready to commit to Audible yet, since I doubt I’ll read very many audiobooks (as of the moment), but I definitely want to give listening to them a shot by borrowing from my library!
    Alexa S. recently posted…An Author a (Mon)day: Lauren SmithMy Profile

  2. I have evernote on my phone, and I’ve used it once for taking notes during an ebook/audiobook combo read, but I ended up forgetting to use the notes when I blogged on the book! I’ve since tried it a few times on print reads, but I haven’t figured out the magic of making it work better than just an index card and a pencil. I love that it works so well for you tho. Rock it, gal.
    Asheley (@BookwormAsheley) recently posted…Top Ten Books I Read In 2014My Profile

  3. Ooh I haven’t explored the voice memo option with Evernote yet. Very interesting application – especially I tend to forget the names of audiobook narrators *oops*
    Tanya Patrice recently posted…10 Books That Blew My Mind in 2014 #AMonthofFavesMy Profile


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