Summer Slimdown: Dinner Ideas, PROGRESS & apps!

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And we are back!  I have so much awesomeness to share with you this week.


For one we have some HEALTHY dinner ideas.

Salsa chicken

salsa chicken










GRILL chicken with ADOBO, salt/pepper/onion powder.  Top with favorite salsa!

Mustard Glazed Salmon

mustard glazed salmon






SMEAR salmon filet with mustard of choice, thyme, salt, pepper, parsley, GRILL in foil 10-12 minutes.  AND DONE.

Quinoa with veggies

quinoa veggies










COMBINE: mixed veggies and box of NEAR EAST Quinoa & Brown Rice blend.

All of these are not only good for you but easy to make and super yummy!



My Fitness Pal– super handy! Tracks my calorie intake, tells me what I need more/less of AND syncs with my FitBit so it deducts my exercise calories as well automatically!

NIKE RUNNING– downloaded this one after some twitter pressure, and it tracks my runs, and gives me badges for going farther than normal!  Love it!

fitbit-  This is for my actual fitbit flex tracker, and it tells me how well I sleep, how much I have exercised, and how many calories I’ve burned! Super awesome, and SUPER motivating!

Tell me. What do you use?


Places I’ve run

One- The Beach


Two- Spring Lake :)

20140621_075445 20140621_075715

Three- Hartshorne Woods Park!

IMG_20140629_103329 nopm


1.In good news, I have lost 5 of my ten pounds! I feel pretty good but still struggle sometimes when I have an off week.  But hey, it happens!  Good thing I LOVE fruits and veggies, they keep me happy!

2. I am gaining SOME endurance.  Jon and I went hiking and it was AMAZING.  We are going back tomorrow and also traveling in August for his birthday and the place we’re going is BEAUTIFUL and madeeee for hiking, so that is something I want to start doing more of, FOR SURE.

3. Today we JOINED the gym!  So even when its crappy out, I can get my cardio in!

ALL IN ALL the #summerslimdown is going amazing, and I have you guys to thank!  Don’t forget to tag your pics #summerslimdown and your posts and tweets!  We’ll motivate you to exercise and eat great!

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  1. I tried using My Fitness Pal for awhile but in the end I just gave up. I could never find the foods all ingredients that I usually eat. The downsides of an Asian culture. >< I've tried like everything but in the end, I just always go back to doing Blogilates workouts a few times a week. :3 But yay for 5 pounds! That's literally amazing! Good luck with the rest of your journey!
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