Playlist Factory: The Fall Fiasco 2014

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playlistfactoryfallYou didn’t think Betty and I abandoned you did you?  PSH.  Nah!  We are only doing seasonal & random Playlist Factory posts though!

 First Up some music, that is why you’re here right?? But then Betty and I are gonna take you through what some our favorite fall things are!




  • I LOVE Sons, and it is the FINAL season.  So, tears will be shed when this one ends :(
  • Nashville: COUNTRY MUSIC, DRAMA, Superstardom.  Yeah.  Its a WIN.
  • Gilmore Girls came onto Netflix October 1! I LOVE Rory & Lorelai and have been watching since!


 This shirt is going to be designated my LEGGING SWEATER.  YES.  Its SO long and perfect to cover my bottom 😉 LOVE IT.  I want ALL the colors.  Target- $22.99

Target Shirt Merona $22.99So I have a Target obsession, and flannel obsessesion.  Love this one from Merona! Target- $23.99

Everyone needs a basic pair of jeggings! I buy these every few years and they wear GREAT.  I just picked up two pairs this week and will LIKELY go back for a black pair as well! Kohls-$19.99-27.99

 lc shirtMy mom is the SWEETEST & surprised me with a few shirts including this LC at Kohl’s shirt So soft and comfy! Kohls$36.00

Recently I started classes again and was in dire need of a do-it-all bag. The Whats-the-Geologist bag from Modcloth has been a DREAM.$58

Emily Ley 2015 Simplified Planner

This is more like, IS IT 2015 YET BECAUSE I NEED TO USE my Emily Ley Planner! $58

This October we’ve gotten to get Cider from the Orchard, BUT the real fun starts the second half of the month! We’ll be doing our annual apple and pumpkin picking, going to Haunted places, and going to….

AND back to the drive in theater as well!

Drive In Movie Theater!

This theater plays Horror Movies in october, hence why we’re TOTALLY going back!

If you haven’t seen some of my fall recipes to try check them out. [Last years edition!] One this year coming soon! But, these are some must haves in my kitchen this year!

I love this cookbook! My dinner I’m making tonight comes from it! I have post-it marked at LEAST 60 recipes. Target=$20

NO NO, not the laptop, though, I DO LOVE THAT.  MY CHICKEN MUG!!! I Love it!!! It is my favorite mug and I share having one with my FAVORITE PEOPLE <3 [xoxo B, H, K]

It is okay that this is my favorite section, right? Ok, making sure!

Some of my fall favorites are..

ANYthing Pumpkin from Starbucks.  No, really. Anything.

[Picture from Starbucks Site!]

 THESE burrito bowls I made include cilantro lime rice, ground turkey, salsa, cheese and avocado,


I am LOVING some adult books this month.. but REALLY I am OBSESSING over the one and only..

Tana French reads like a dream.  See it proven HERE, here annndd HERE.

Read my review of Robotham’s SAY YOURE SORRY here.  And know, I HAD to have this one after loving that.

THIS is probably my most anticipated of the year.  I NEED THE ENDING GUYS. NOVEMBER 4th!!


That concludes my picks! BUT! 

Go Check Out Betty’s Picks!



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  1. I LOVE THE FALL PLAYLIST! And your post is so freaking festive for fall, and I love that. I’m also off to go shop at Kohl’s because HELLO PRETTY SHIRT. Love the fall season and I kind of want cider and cider donuts now!
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