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THIS post has been in the works for a while, but basically I am going to break down for you what I have been using to keep organized this year.  Granted, I was pretty good last year as well in regards to meals and such, but this year I needed to be better about blogging organization and life organization!  And SO, I invested a bit into some products I LOVE.




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I have found that initiating SUNDAY SETUP into my life has been an absolute savior.  Every Sunday morning I grab some coffee, and sit down at the table with my computer, my planner, and my pen and I GET TO WORK.  

The Tools: Emily Ley Simplified Planner, Macbook Air, Keurig, Emily Ley Meal Plan Notepad, Staedtler Pens

I also am logged onto to see the schedule for the week, so I can schedule my workouts and gym days as well! It is PERFECT that they release the week’s schedule on Sunday’s and so I know what has to get done!

In my planner I tend to use either ALL one color per week, or, use another color pen for meals, and another for workouts, and have everything else be blue or black, or WHATEVER color I’m feeling that week! But nonetheless, ALL these things go in my planner, in addition to life happenings, notes, and what posts I have going up on what days!

I swear, when I am done with this part I feel a BIT better about the day!  It is actually something I have come to look forward to! [OKAY OKAY, maybe its because there’s coffee involved!]





Blogging is something I LOVE to do throughout the whole weekend, but since I am ALREADY feeling productive in the mornings, I like to do a lot of my post scheduling and idea forming on Sundays! Today [Sunday] I have written and scheduled two posts so far, and its not even 3:30!  I will consider this a success and a proof that Sunday Setup really, truly is helpful!

The Tools:  Ashley Brooke Get It Done Notebook, Sugar Paper To-Do List, Hannah’s Blogging Printable

I love using this gorgeous notebook for jotting down blog post ideas, and figuring out what I have to do for the blog in the coming weeks [if it were opened you’d see ALL sorts of Foodie Feb post ideas, contributors, etc. and a list of posts for the end of January.] The To-Do list is so I have a NICE, ORGANIZED list with checkboxes.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE ticking things off? That sense of completion=the best!  Then, Hannah’s printable truly has been a lifesaver! I am still using this one from early January because NOT everything on there is yet done! But I am making a dent! I love the different sections, and the Review Copy area so I know what I have to handle!  





AHHHH, food! Does it surprise you that the majority of my time goes into scheduling what I am cooking?  Likely not.  This portion is usually time consuming, but like when I made the Gnocchi Soup from SkinnyTaste last week, it is all worth it!  I wouldn’t be surprised if when I do this on Sunday’s Jon wants to kill me.  I take up the entire table and/or couch and don’t stop til it is DONE.  I never claimed to contain my mess, ok? Whatever, he gets amazing meals, so he never complains about this! ANYWAY.. I break out ALL the essentials.

The Tools:  Feedly, SkinnyTaste, Southern Slow Cooker Bible, Emily Ley Meal Plan Notepad, Pinterest

I subscribe to MANY food blogs, and a large variety of them are HEALTHY meals.  I open my feedly and click on the FOOD section that I created, and I browse away at the weeks recipes! Sometimes I find stuff, sometimes not! This week I found one we are trying!  Next I use my two favorite cookbooks to find some meals for the nights of the week that I come RIGHT home.  If it is a gym night= easy meal night.  No questions asked.  And finally, I write all these meals down on the Emily Ley Meal Plan notepad! I also put them in my planner in the dinner section!  If I still need meals, I head to Pinterest, or Food Network. [Also I subscribe to Food Network Magazine which is also a great resource!]  The possibilities are endless, but for the sake of my sanity, I try to keep it contained to the previous three sources.  


ONCE ALL THESE TASKS ARE DONE, I feel better, organized, and like I did a good job!  Now, I know you all want to feel the same.. so I’m giving away some stuff.  Ready for the pretties?? Let’s do this.

IMG_1935+$10.00 May Designs Gift Card!

The Goodies: 10 Pack Staedtler Pens, Sugar Paper To-Do List, $10 May Designs Gift Card

I want to get you guys started right in 2015! It can be overwhelming but I swear having pretty things to help you plan makes it less of a burden and more of something you look forward to doing!  The above items will help and you can use the Gift Card towards creating a May Book of your choosing [planner/journal/blogging notebook/etc!]

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  1. I was using the Erin Condren Life Planner but switched this year to an inkwell planner and am loving it. I also ordered a Kikki.k planner — once that’s in I’ll likely use that as my primary & the inkwell as more of a journal. Those Straedlater pens are the best! I’m a color-coder and a bit of a planner addict.

    Love your ideas for meal planning & food inspiration. I need to get better about that.
    Danielle recently posted…Review: Red QueenMy Profile

  2. Amazing post! I have been looking at your Instagram posts for organizational inspiration the last few weeks. I am curious to hear more about your success with Tone It Up. I bought it over a year ago and have no idea where to start with it. I’m hoping this will be the year I actually do something with it. I started a bullet journal and love how organized I feel already. I’ve never planned meals but we mapped everything out yesterday and it was the best feeling ever. I’m so excited to grocery shop today. I love your Emily Ley planner and am going to reward myself with the new release if I stick to my current goals. Thanks for this giveaway and please keep doing posts like this one. They are a huge help! :)
    Kate recently posted…365 Days of YA: January Link-up and GiveawayMy Profile

  3. Love this post, Cass! I am by nature…not an organized person. I struggled to keep a planner in school and I do so now. I would LIKE to get better at it. I’d like to win because this year I NEED a bit more of a push to transform my habits from non-existent to semi-organized. I like your idea of doing it all on Sunday morning to help guide you through the week!
    Jamie recently posted…Book Talk: I Was Here by Gayle FormanMy Profile


    I love using Google Keep and Remember the Milk. Those are my faves. Thanks doe the giveaway, lovely!
    Lisa Schensted recently posted…Sometimes the most basic message is best…My Profile

  5. I can’t live without my Erin Condren Life Planner and my Steadler pens!!! I have everything color-coordinated in my planner and it makes it so much easier to stay organized and on time!!! I’d love to win because who doesn’t need more supplies to keep them organized. I know I do!!

  6. I love the Emily Ley items but a lot of her items are sold out :-(

  7. I love this! This has given me the inspiration to get more organized. I’m a sucker for pens I love a good pen. I’m so going to use some of these tips. Thanks!
    Monica R recently posted…Book Blitz + Giveaway: Forever Now by Elise SaxMy Profile

  8. I’ve been using a desk calendar and Wunderlist to start getting more organized for my blog. I’ve also started a spreadsheet to track series I need to finish. I love sharpies and any kind of fun note pad for lists!
    Heidi recently posted…I Was HereMy Profile

  9. To stay organized, I make sure I write important dates I need down on my calendar. And then I have a corkboard where I pin up things that I know I’ll need to remember!

  10. Right now, I’m using my desk calendar and some sharpies. I need to try something else though. I, too, plan my meals. I also have to write down my school assignments, as well as work around my kids’ schedules. I love those pens! I need some that don’t skip, and where I can color code.
    Anna G recently posted…Life of a Blogger: Bad HabitsMy Profile

  11. I use my MintGreen Planner that I bought from Walmart, which I really like because it is 60% recycled and uses soy based ink. Very eco-friendly and that’s starting to become really important to me.I also use my Sharpie pens that write really fine in various different colors, to help me stay better organized. There are various spreadsheets and other programs to help me stay scheduled and and on top of the books that I am currently reading, my TBR Review Pile, as well as my normal TBR as well and all of the books/eGalley’s that I receive for review.

    I know that I would absolutely love to win this giveaway, because I’m always looking for new ways and other things and products to help me stay organized. I’ve never tried any of the ones that you are offering and your tips and tricks for staying organized seem like they are really great. :)
    Suz @ A Soul Unsung recently posted…Book Blitz: Hater (Hashtag #2) by Cambria HerbertMy Profile

  12. Way to go! I don’t think I could ever be this organized but I can see how some pretty supplies would help me want to start! Good luck with it!

  13. I use a Sugar Paper planner that I got for Christmas for blogging. (I already had one that I got at back to school time, but I switched when I got this one.) I love it! I color code everything with some Pilot pens I got at Target.
    Jenna @ Rather Be Reading YA recently posted…Mini Reviews: January 2015My Profile

  14. Awesome post! I love gel pens but for my personal organization, I’m digital – app on my phone, and Cal and Google Calendar.

  15. I reeeeally want the pens and pad! And I’m really interested in the Meal Planner! I don’t currently use anything but I need to.

  16. This giveaway is so cool. I would really love to win these. Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. I have a little simple planner from Target that I use to stay semi organized! I need to actually fully use all the parts of my planner so I don’t turn to notebook paper and lose my lists! Haha. Thanks for the giveaway!
    Maura recently posted…*Blog Tour & Review* Perfect Couple by Jennifer EcholsMy Profile

  18. OMG…. if anyone needs to get more organized it’s ME. Life has gotten crazy this year… baby betty #1 started school… baby betty #3 was born… and we bought a new house that needs a bathroom reno… which means A LOT OF CRAP to keep track of! I want those pens. Color makes a huge difference when looking at an overly filled calendar! Also, I keep hearing so much about these freaking May Books, I’d love to give one a try! :)

  19. Yeaaaah so I tend to go with the flow, write posts when I have a little bit of free time, and it gets hectic. Maybe I should make a dedicated day and time? Love this post and of course seeing SkinnyTaste on here, my new OBSESSION.
    Magan recently posted…Love, Lucy by April Lindner • Magan ReviewsMy Profile

  20. I love using a planner and a little notebook to keep track of my blog posts. I like writing down post ideas or props for photos just so I keep everything straight. I’m also very big on colored pens but I usually buy move at MUJI. Oh, and the calendar on my phone is a priceless tool. It reminds me when I have posts that need to be written for tours.

  21. That Sugar Paper To-Do List is adorable! I love my Lilly Pulitzer agenda, and I use Google Calendar like crazy, but I can never say no to new organizational goodies :) Thank you for the fun giveaway!
    Bella recently posted…Chocolate, Pear, and Ginger SconesMy Profile

  22. Since I started college, I’ve bought a BlueSky planner from Target/Staples/Walmart each year. I use it mostly to keep track of classes, work, and meetings. It would be helpful to use it for blog organization, meal planning, and exercise scheduling, but I get the small-sized one so it can easily fit in a purse and there’s no room to write more.
    I haven’t found a good tool for blog organization, but I am considering a planner from May Books for that.
    Those Staedtler pens are so pretty, as is the Sugar Paper to-do list. If I won, I’d definitely put them to good use. :)
    Your post has definitely helped give me some inspiration for how I can become better organized. I enjoyed reading it!
    Amanda @ Late Nights with Good Books recently posted…Top Ten Most Anticipated Debut Novels For 2015My Profile

  23. Nice ideas…and my life could certainly use some organization. :)

  24. I love this post! I’m a huge believer in organizing and planning in the mornings, using different colored pens and notebooks, and following through. Granted, I tend to not make what I planned because I get home too late or am too tired, and I don’t really work out, so perhaps I’m not the best organizer after all?
    Michelle recently posted…Audiobook Review – Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own AutobiographyMy Profile

  25. I love seeing how your organize your meals, week + blog, Cassie! We have very similar processes (though I haven’t really learned how to integrate exercise into my schedule) (and I don’t normally cook) when it comes to organizing things in general, with our notebooks and color-coded notes. LOVE. IT.
    Alexa S. recently posted…It Runs in the Family: The Cloak Society – Jeramey KraatzMy Profile

  26. I could say that I love this behind-the-scenes look at your organization habits, BUT WE KNOW I EXPERIENCE IT FIRSTHAND. I love that you’re an organization nerd like me… and that I’ve introduced you to so many things that are great for you but bad for your wallet. I just wish I could steal some of your meal planning ways! That’s where I’m a total fail (as you know).
    Hannah @ So Obsessed With recently posted…Think Your Own ThoughtsMy Profile


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