An Interview [Part One!] with Liza Palmer

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Allow me to brief you, Nowhere But Home was an INSTANT all-time favorite for me, however, I wouldn’t even know the book was out there unless it was for Hannah, therefore, there was only ONE WAY to do this interview, and that was with Hannah. You will see part one here, and part two on So Obsessed With! We hope you enjoy your time with Liza as much we we did!

lizaoneA lovelyyyy enthusiastic welcome to Miss Liza Palmer! She was so wonderful to do this for us, and if you don’t follow her on Twitter, you should, she is simply delightful! Now, let’s get this show on the road, shall we?

 The Interview

In Nowhere but Home we get to see how much gossip can affect people’s lives. Have you witnessed this firsthand?

Oh, of course, right? I mean, we’ve all been through the 7th Grade.
I think the bit that comes with age is to know that gossip feeds on shame – that’s why it’s so insidious. It hits that chink in our armor where we secretly believe the terrible things they say are true or at the very least, we think they’re right about us being a fraud.

Freedom from gossip and the gossips comes when we love and accept ourselves for who we are and stop trying to be something we’re not. Those mean girls of North Star can’t touch the Wake girls once they stop trying to fit in and are happy on their own terms.

As Hannah asked me in OUR interview, we must know, who would be your bookbaby daddy?

So, which fictional dude do I have the hots for?? Hmmm. I mean, you gotta love Rochester from Jane Eyre. Love the tortured ones.

And it’s super lame, but I’m all hopped up on him right now – Lincoln Mallory from my sixth book, Heroine. Man. That guy. (faints)

Liza, tell us about yourself, speed date style, sixty seconds on the clock, and go!

California born and bred, was working in a law firm downtown when I went to a writing class at Vroman’s bookstore with my aunt. Having dropped out of college and really flailed in school, this was a cataclysmic moment for me. I found writing again in my early 30s. I haven’t been able to put the genie back in the bottle ever since.

Liza, what do you like to do in your downtime?

I love to take drives and see matinees. I hang out with my family and friends. As I’ve gotten older I absolutely treasure my downtime and have started to really be quite territorial with it.

It’s a beautiful day, and a gorgeous convertible has been plopped in front of your home with a note on it! It says: GO ON A ROAD TRIP. Where do you go?

Without a doubt, up the coast of California. It’s my favorite place on Earth – like sprinkle my ashes there favorite. There’s this exceptional part from Santa Barbara up to Buellton that’s just… right on the water and… sigh, it’s gorgeous.

After your road trip, we’re giving you $75 to buy books! Can you tell us what you’re buying??

I’m really into YA right now… I’m just finishing Divergent, I’ve got Insurgent so I’d have to buy Allegiant. I’m super curious about Rainbow Rowell, would love to buy some of hers. Basically I’d just go into a bookshop and buy anything I could get my hands on.

And with this money do I get the time to read these books????




Coffee or Tea? TEA!

Sushi or Steak? SUSHI!

Paperback or Hardcover? I’m an equal opportunity book fondler. BOTH

Chocolate or Vanilla? CHOCOLATE. PFFLT, VANILLA.

Fall or Summer? FALL!!!



Giveaway Time!

Liza has generously hosted this giveaway! Truly, this book is beyond sensational and you should ALL read it! So give it a go!

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  1. ha! great interview!! i am so happy you and hannah convinced me to read this book! :) i absolutely loved it! liza is awesome. i could tell she had a good sense of humor based on interactions on twitter, but seriously… she is funny!

    my favorite parts of this interview:

    “It’s my favorite place on Earth – like sprinkle my ashes there favorite.”

    Paperback or Hardcover? “I’m an equal opportunity book fondler. BOTH”

    LOL Thumbs up for Liza Palmer!!!!

    • She wins ALL THE COOKIES.

  2. Crap! I always comment before I see the comment I am SUPPOSED to leave on the rafflecopter thingie… grrrrr. Anyway, favorite characters—- I liked sooo many!! But I really liked Harlan and Cody!! Also… OBVI… I was madly in love with Everett!!! Def not Piggy Peggy– that beast!!

    • Hahaha I’ve seen you do this a few times, love it 😉

      EVERETTTTT <3333 and hahahaha Piggy Peggy, she really pissed me off!

  3. I haven’t read this book yet :( But I would love to as it sounds awesome!!! So no fav characters yet…. Thanks for sharing and ocngrats to Liza on the new release!

    • 😀 READ ITTTT <3 It is amazing!

    • I hope you do and enjoy!

  4. I’m hoping to start this this week as a reward for all my hard review reading. :) Thanks for pushing it! You are the best at this. Who can say no to you? NO ONE.
    estelle recently posted…Estelle: I Only Have Eyes For You by Bella AndreMy Profile

    • read it.

      That will be all 😉

  5. I have read Nowhere But Home. I read it the week it was released and absolutely loved it! Then again I’ve felt that way about all of Liza’s books. I adore Queenie. I do. Everett I want to eat up with a spoon and some caramel sauce. I also loved Queenie’s sister Merry Carole and nephew Cal. Sigh…

    Y’all forgot to ask when her next book was coming out. :p

    • Hahaha, silly us! 😉

      Glad you loved it too!!!!! I also loved Merry Carole! Her son was adorable also in his role and he adored QUEENIE so much!

  6. fantastic interview! loved this book so much & really loving this author. can’t wait for part 2
    Daphne recently posted…TBR Readathon Update Post #1My Profile

    • Part two is on Hannah’s blog! Linked at the bottom!

  7. YOU KNOW that I loved this book with all of my being and my heart and soul, and I love that she’s naming a character in her next book Lincoln because I loved Attachments so much. Shoutout to Rainbow Rowell – which YAY LIZA PALMER for wanting to check out her work. I love authors supporting other authors.

    FUN INTERVIEW LADIES. I mean that thing.
    Asheley Tart (@BookwormAsheley) recently posted…The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han ReviewMy Profile

    • I FORGOT TO TELL YOU ON *THIS* BLOG that I love Cal. He’s my favorite. He’s verrry smart and made me laugh out loud because (spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler). Brilliant lad.
      Asheley Tart (@BookwormAsheley) recently posted…The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han ReviewMy Profile

    • Seriously. Asheley, it’s my new absolute favorite. I COULD REREAD EVERY DAY.

      love liza and loved attachments by rainbow! Hopefully she will too!!

  8. This interview was so fun! I’m particularly fond of the road trip question, as I would love to have that happen to me in real life :)
    Alexa Y. recently posted…Love Disguised – Lisa Klein (Review)My Profile

  9. I LOVE LIZA PALMER SO MUCH! <3 And I love YOU for thinking of this interview and putting it all in motion.
    Hannah @ So Obsessed With recently posted…Caught In A CageMy Profile


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