Foodie [March]: TASTE TRIALS – Giada’s Tetrazzini

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Let’s Start With The Obvious… I KNOW it is March!  We will be going into March by about a week and a half due to a-February being a short month and b- I still have stuff to share!FOODIEFEBRUARYdonezoPRESENTS:taste trials

Taste Trials is a feauture where I am trying out a new recipe, and following it BY THE BOOK.  In the end, I enlist Jon to help me decide whether the recipe should be TOSSED,  or if it was GOOD JUST ONCE, MAKE IT AGAIN or A NEW FAVORITE.  I will also be stating WHAT I would do differently, if anything!

This time, we’re trying out Giada’s Chicken Tetrazzini

This recipe sounded right up our alley, and there was even a VIDEO that went along with it, super!  You can see all the information on Giada’s Tetrazzini here.

First up, here is what you’ll need:



What IS Tetrazzini?

Before this, I had never had this dish, but it was listed under Comfort Foods, was made with a cream sauce, butter fried pan chicken, included pasta, and was then BAKED with BREADCRUMBS and Parmesan in a Pyrex dish.  I mean, Win, right?  I thought so!


The Process, As It So Went


Now, if you look at Giada’s recipe, you see she has you shred chicken, as well as boil water for pasta, those are the two images I didn’t capture, but you get the gist.


After The Oven


and Finally..IMG_6141


What I’d Do Differently

I keep asking myself WHY Giada would have me make this enormous amount of sauce in a large skillet.  THE INGREDIENTS DIDNT EVEN GET COMBINED IN THERE.  So, why!?  Next time, I would use  a simple LARGE sauce pan.  Simple enough to fry up your garlic, onion, and mushrooms in, as well as add your milk, cream, broth, butter, and seasonings.  There was NO NEED for this, and because I had to find something to fit everything CORRECTLY while mid-cooking, I ended up with THIS:IMG_6139


Ummmm.  No.  So next time, that WOULD be my ONLY modification!  Other than that, Giada’s recipe is delicious and easy to follow, BUT read it BEFORE you start cooking!  That is ALWAYS helpful!


Jon’s Taste Test

As we discussed above, Jon was given FOUR options, Toss the Recipe, It Was Good Once, Make It Again! or a New Favorite.. Let’s check in and see what he chose.MAKE IT AGAIN

Also, I received a text the NEXT day when he was eating his leftovers, and he was raving about how much he really liked it and couldn’t stop eating it.  SO, hopefully that helps you decide whether or not to make this dish! 

Thanks to Food Network for posting this recipe, and of course Giada for making it!

LASTLY!  Don’t forget to enter the…

foodiegiveawayInformation on that is HERE.


  1. WOW! This sounds amazing :) I’m going to bookmark this one! Glad Jon liked it too! BUT holy smokes, THOSE DISHES! That’s absolutely the worst part about cooking, especially when you end up using more than you anticipated. AND I can see why Jon loved it the second day, I LOVE LOVE LOVE second day pasta… even more than first day pasta sometimes :P Is that weird? ahaha.
    Lauren @ Lose Time Reading recently posted…February Wrap UpMy Profile

    • I totally agree about leftover pasta!!!!!! It was delicious leftover!

  2. Yum. The amount of dishes would have upset me a lot. I hate doing dishes. I had an awesome idea and I’ll have to email it to you. I hope you continue with the food tasting. I love reading about all the yummy foods your making.

    • Thank you!!!!!! I hate dishes too!! So annoying. But when they result
      Like this one, worth it!

  3. ha! i love ‘Jon’s Taste Test’. too adorable! this actually looks pretty yummy. i’ll have to try it and see what the baby bettys think. they are the deciding factor in our house. ;)
    Betty recently posted…I’m Doing It… Taking a Siesta From BloggingMy Profile

    • Thank you thank you!!! It was really fun doing this! And i think baby Betty’s would like! Not too overwhelming!

  4. As much as I love Giada, THOSE DISHES. No. No way. I hate recipes that call for ten different pots and pans when one or two could have done the job.

    Haha & I’m loving Jon’s Taste Test! This dish seems like a perfect snowy day dinner. I’ll be trying this one for sure!
    Leah recently posted…my love affair with the art novel.My Profile

  5. Finally getting to SEE this…. Looks good. But forget all the dishes. Thats a lot dude. haha
    Loretta @ Between The Pages recently posted…Review: Nowhere But Home by Liza PalmerMy Profile

  6. I wish I loved cooking as much as you did, C! It shows clearly in posts like this one. This dish sounds AMAZING, and I might just have to learn how to make it!
    Alexa S. recently posted…The Monday Mix || March 3, 2014My Profile

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