Cover Feature: The Signature of All Things

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So I haven’t EXACTLY done a post like THIS before, but it is similar to my old school Cover Lovin’ posts.  Except this time, I’m highlighting just ONE cover.  And it is gorgeous. The inside flaps just get MORE gorgeous but I didn’t wanna spoil that for you.  You’ll see if you pick it up!

The Signature of All Things

by Elizabeth Gilbert

The Signature of All Things

Buy It!

Because a-the cover is beautiful and b- Entertainment Weekly RAVED over this one and oh the inevitible C- Liza freakin Palmer (you know, she wrote Nowhere But Home) gave this book  five stars and raved and raved about it… And so..

Hannah and I will be reading it in November for Favorite Factor.  

But it gets better.  We want you guys to read along!  On twitter we will be discussing it using the hashtag #favefactor and it will hopefully be a way for all of us to enjoy the book together!  Its always better reading with friends :)

I know Asheley and Jamie intend on reading with us, but let us know if you’re interested as well! Hopefully we all enjoy this one!


  1. *Bumps fists and nods head*

    Also pops collar, haha!

    Excited! GET ON IT, one-of-my-library-systems!

    Love you ladies. xo
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  2. OH YAY, if Liza Palmer raved about it then I NEED it. I haven’t even finished Nowhere But Home, but it’s already one of my favorites of the year! SO GLAD I listened to you and bought it. I will read any book that you and Hannah recommend… Y’all are the best :) Can’t wait to hear what you think about this one!

    • You are right. Liza knows best 😉

  3. I will totally participate if I have time! My library has the ebook so I will download it. It’s adult which scares me… but I’m determined to give adult fiction a chance! Maybe reading the book with all of you guys will help. :)
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  4. I want to read this book! I adored Eat, Pray, Love and actually liked Committed, so I’m thinking I might have to join you guys and buy this book to read in November. Such a gorgeous book!
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