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Today I am PLEASED to bring you Angela & Loretta from Reading Angels, and I am SO happy that we all survived this chat.


[8:57:02 AM] Cassie: OKAY LADIES.  Welcome welcome to Chat With Cass.  From this point forward nothingggg will be edited out, I’ll ask you senseless/some meaningful [bahaha] questions and then you will each respond, unless the question is only directed to one of you! [you each get one individual, crafted by me, question]  AREYOU READY?

[8:57:30 AM] Angela: GO!

[8:57:42 AM] Cassie: Loretta, do I have YOUR consent as well?

[8:57:56 AM] Loretta: Yeah yeah yeah sorry had to get a muffin!

[8:58:05 AM] Cassie: Hahahah.  OKAY. We shall begin!

[8:58:16 AM] Angela: Speaking of editing, we are trying to self edit ourselves, right?

[8:58:24 AM] Cassie: hahahah, if u so choose 😉

[8:58:41 AM] Cassie: What is the ONE TYPE of book you DONT EVER PICK UP [other than non-fiction]

[8:59:18 AM] Loretta: Hmmmmmm.

[8:59:37 AM] Angela: I was typing NON-FICTION and then was like…duh

[8:59:47 AM] Cassie: HAHAHAHAHHA, i knew that would be both your answers!

[8:59:50 AM] Loretta: It was SCI-FI until CINDER!!! But still I am limited on what I like as sci-fi. Cinder has been IT so far!

[9:00:13 AM] Cassie: OKAY OKAY, i can actually TOTALLY agree with that! [PS HOW AWESOME WAS CINDER!?]

[9:00:23 AM] Loretta: so freaking awesome dude

[9:00:28 AM] Loretta: like whoa

[9:00:36 AM] Angela: I’m going to go with Historical romance. I’m not much for corset swooning

[9:00:50 AM] Cassie: I KNOW.  I have Scarlet from the library right now. Gotta get ON THAT, asap!

[9:00:56 AM] Cassie : Hmm Angela, I agree.  Never read one!

[9:01:02 AM] Loretta: I LOVE me some HISTORICAL Romance! That shit is corny & hot!

[9:01:14 AM] Angela: I’m going to get Cinder and Scarlet on audio SOON!

[9:01:18 AM] Loretta: stuff. STUFF. That STUFF is hot.

[9:01:24 AM] Angela: HAHAHA Loretta

[9:01:28 AM] Cassie: Well, I’m gonna have to get a rec from u then Loretta, cuz I agree with Angela on the corset swoong 😉

[9:01:39 AM] Cassie: HAHAHAH the curses stay, sorry 😉

[9:01:48 AM] Loretta: SECRETS by BRENDA JOYCE. Holla

[9:01:56 AM] Cassie: 😀 ::run to TBR::

[9:02:07 AM] Angela r: I want one you’ve read SINCE you started blogging Loretta

[9:02:29 AM] Loretta: uhhhhh

[9:02:40 AM] Loretta: none

[9:02:42 AM] Loretta: HAHAHA

[9:02:55 AM] Cassie: HAHAHAHAHAH

[9:02:57 AM] Angela: Yeah, I thought so….wonder how much your tastes have changed

[9:03:11 AM] Loretta: Not my fault I was introduced into the world of YA. I have a ton. But, I’ve read most of them 1 millioin times. The covers are falling off. Lol

[9:03:31 AM] Cassie: Perhaps its time to read one again 😉

[9:03:36 AM] Loretta: Dude, I will read those raunchy books over and over. 😉

[9:04:01 AM] Cassie: I know you will!

[9:04:07 AM] Cassie: OKAY next question, readdyyy?

[9:04:12 AM] Angela: SHOOT

[9:04:13 AM] Loretta: GO

[9:04:27 AM] Cassie: What is your BIGGEST turn off in a book guy, and in a real life guy?

[9:04:39 AM] Angela: Abusive bastards?

[9:04:53 AM] Cassie: WHOA.  that definitely works.

[9:05:14 AM] Loretta: I have to pee

[9:05:20 AM] Angela: BWAHAHA

[9:05:29 AM] Cassie: Hahahha.  Go Loretta!

[9:05:40 AM] Angela: Too much coffee for Loretta

[9:05:53 AM] Cassie: LMAO hahahah there is NO SUCH THING with her.

[9:06:18 AM] Angela: Yeah there is!!!  When her ass ends up hospitilized cause she dehydrated herself on coffee!!! SHEESH


[9:06:54 AM] Angela: I talk about you to your face hoe!

[9:06:56 AM] Cassie: HAHAHAH yeah i know you’re here!!! im talkin about u!

[9:07:08 AM] Cassie: HAHAHHA and i text u all awful insults!

[9:08:03 AM] Loretta: BOOK GUY: Abusive REAL LIFE: Abusive.

Why hit women?

[9:08:11 AM] Angela: EXACTLY!

[9:08:30 AM] Cassie: Okay, that was clearly an easy one! EVEN THO when i wrote it i was thinking like.. long hair.. i didnt get that serious in my head

[9:08:39 AM] Angela: Verbally or physically abusive…you ass is GONE

[9:08:45 AM] Loretta: BOTH Y’ALL ARE BUTT SNIFFERS. (I win, I win,)

[9:08:58 AM] Angela Messer: Yeah, there have been too many ASSHOLES in books lately

[9:09:05 AM] Loretta Davis: Yeah. Verbally abusive is as bad as abusive. I CANNOT NOT STAND IT

[9:09:22 AM] Cassie: I do agree.  You are both correct

[9:09:37 AM] Angela: I’m sorry, being an ASS does not make you that sexy bad boy. NO NO NO

[9:09:39 AM] Cassie: and not about the butt sniffers. you sick girl.  you’re a poopface.

[9:09:49 AM] Cassie: NO.  theres a fine line.

[9:10:14 AM] Loretta: Yeah, and one no man should ever cross with me! =)

[9:10:30 AM] Cassie : PSH.  Hell no!

[9:10:51 AM] Loretta: I’ll go all Medea on someone!

[9:10:54 AM] Angela: So, physical turn off, I don’t know that I have one really…

[9:11:06 AM] Angela: stinky…haha

[9:11:13 AM] Cassie: hahahah, okay TOTALLY legit

[9:11:24 AM] Cassie: hahaha OMG those movies Loretta.

[9:11:32 AM] Loretta: LOVE THEM!

[9:11:41 AM] Angela: unibrow, that’s gotta go

[9:11:57 AM] Cassie: HAHAHHAHA.  EWWWWWW

[9:12:08 AM] Cassie: ::throws up:: NEVER okay

[9:12:31 AM] Angela: I don’t neccessarily like it when the guy takes more time getting pretty than I do

[9:12:32 AM] Loretta: You better get the hell up or when I come back up in here, you know what’s gonna happen? You’re gonna taste the rainbow.

[9:12:38 AM] Loretta: Who have a unibrow?

[9:13:01 AM] Cassie: No one that I know of, but I guess it totally applies to real life guys


[9:13:17 AM] Loretta: I was about to say. I just plucked mine! hahaha

[9:13:38 AM] Loretta: I’m totally kidding you butt pickers!


[9:13:55 AM] Cassie: OH GOD.  onto the next!

[9:13:56 AM] Angela: Loretta, I knew that! You barely HAVE eyebrows!! bwahaha

[9:14:05 AM] Loretta: Right. Hair is gross.

[9:14:10 AM] Cassie: TRUTH.

[9:14:12 AM] Cassie: SO

[9:14:24 AM] Cassie: You win the lottery, what are the first FIVE items you buy?

[9:14:54 AM] Angela Messer: A very big house that has a room that I will make into a giantic library with the rolling ladders #1

[9:15:03 AM] Angela Messer: Books to fill said library #2

[9:15:12 AM] Angela Messer: A camaro green camaro #3

[9:15:22 AM] Angela Messer: My parents a new car #4

[9:15:46 AM] Angela Messer: My brothers and sons college #5 (that should have probably been earlier….haha)

[9:16:04 AM] Loretta Davis: 1.) a house THAT WILL HAVE A CUSTOM LIBRARY. HOLLA

2.) a house for my mom

3.) CAR. A fast one. One that will get me tickets.

4.) Kids College.

5.) ummm books DER

[9:16:06 AM] Cassie Epstein: HAHAHAHHA.  Those are AWESOME picks Angela!  LOVING the library!

[9:16:21 AM] Cassie Epstein: WOW.  so close to identical its scary

[9:16:27 AM] Angela Messer: LORETTA – WE HAVE THE SAME BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

[9:16:29 AM] Loretta Davis: seriously

[9:16:32 AM] Cassie: ADORABLE

[9:16:40 AM] Loretta: WE ARE AWESOME SAUCE

[9:16:45 AM] Cassie: You truly are

[9:16:51 AM] Loretta: I know, I know.

[9:17:05 AM] Angela: *shimmy dance*

[9:17:32 AM] Cassie: ::plays Nelly- Hot in Heree::

[9:17:36 AM] Loretta: Whats that dance with all the people humping?


[9:17:45 AM] Angela: you don’t want me to take off all my clothes, for real though


[9:17:54 AM] Cassie: you two.  i cant even.

[9:18:18 AM] Angela: Wobble baby wobble baby wobble baby wobble…that’s more me

[9:18:26 AM] Loretta: Dude. I should leave my clothes on.

[9:18:28 AM] Cassie: 😉

[9:18:32 AM] Cassie: BAHAHAH

[9:18:35 AM] Loretta: :::Drop it like it’s hot:::

[9:18:57 AM] Cassie: GREAT.  Snoop is stuck in my head now.

[9:18:59 AM] Cassie: AWESOME

[9:19:25 AM] Cassie: Next.  You can KILL ONE book character [only one!] with NO consequences, whoooo do u kill and why!?

[9:19:35 AM] Loretta: I just saved a million dollars by switching to Geico

[9:19:48 AM] Cassie: hahahahaahhahahahahaha

[9:20:28 AM] Angela: CLARY – *ducks for cover as everyone in the book word kills me*

[9:20:31 AM] Loretta: Dude, your making me thing!

[9:20:38 AM] Loretta: THINK

[9:20:42 AM] Loretta: T.H.I.N.K

[9:20:43 AM] Angela: Seriously though, she got on my nerves like NONE OTHER

[9:21:09 AM] Angela: I was rooting for Valentine to kill her off (I have only read through book 3 – this is my note to everyone)

[9:21:10 AM] Cassie: Ummm.. perhaps i should kill myself cuz IDK who Clary is?

[9:21:22 AM] Angela: Mortal Instruments?

[9:21:30 AM] Cassie Epstein: Though so.

[9:21:32 AM] Cassie Epstein: *thought

[9:21:46 AM] Angela: You have not read?

[9:22:04 AM] Cassie: NOPE

[9:22:13 AM] Cassie: jumped right into Infernal Devices

[9:22:19 AM] Cassie: was told i could !

[9:22:21 AM] Angela: HA, Loretta and I will NOT be 2 people who yell at you to do so…LOL

[9:22:46 AM] Cassie: HAHAHHA.  I was told Infernal Devices was like WAY better

[9:22:48 AM] Cassie: So i chose that one

[9:22:57 AM] Loretta: I’m still thinking over here.

[9:23:02 AM] Angela: I’m actually like Infernal Devices better so far, but I’m just starting the first one.

[9:23:06 AM] Cassie: THINK AWAY PRINCESS

[9:23:15 AM] Cassie: Same as me 😀

[9:23:59 AM] Angela: Loretta is either not agressive today, or she’s so aggresive she wants too kill too many people to narrow it down…

[9:24:11 AM] Cassie: HAHAHH im thinking the second

[9:24:22 AM] Cassie: while she thinks i must reheat my coffee.

[9:24:40 AM] Angela: it’s a sad state of things when you let coffee get cold…

[9:25:18 AM] Cassie: I KNOW.

[9:25:21 AM] Cassie: its hot now ;-D

[9:26:07 AM] Loretta: ASHLEIGH from Jenny Pox. I would rip off her skin with a butter knife

[9:26:28 AM] Cassie: Told u it was the second option.  [Ang]

[9:26:31 AM] Angela: SPEAKING OF Clockwork Angel, it doesn’t have text-to-speech EITHER Loretta!!  What is UP with S&S not enabling text-to-speech, it is PISSING ME OFF!!!

[9:26:31 AM] Cassie: THATS BRUTAL

[9:26:39 AM] Angela: that is really brutal loretta!

[9:26:46 AM] Loretta: Oh I know, right. So annoying

[9:26:51 AM] Loretta: Oh too much?

[9:26:52 AM] Cassie: WAIT WHAT!? I was just reading it with text to speech on my nook!

[9:27:02 AM] Loretta: I mean come on. It’s just a butter knife! =)

[9:27:08 AM] Angela: They don’t enable it on kindle &$#


[9:27:14 AM] Loretta: Y*0r]8y0348926][0qt[0t

[9:27:21 AM] Cassie: Thats ridiculous

[9:27:27 AM] Loretta: Seriously. I could punch something in the face & watch it bleed.

[9:27:30 AM] Angela: Obviously they hate us kindle users and all we stand for

[9:27:43 AM] Cassie: HAHHAHAH

[9:27:48 AM] Loretta: Ok. enough violence, WooooooooooooooSa

[9:27:51 AM] Angela: I’m not sure what we stand for, but there you have it

[9:27:51 AM] Cassie: LORETTA. just a butter knife!?

[9:27:56 AM] Cassie: ahhahahahahahahaah

[9:28:34 AM] Loretta: I’m pretty sure after this is over I will think of 100million people I’d kill in books!

[9:28:54 AM] Loretta: Because I”m gansta!

[9:28:55 AM] Cassie: HAhahahha i didnt even realize that i went from a killing question to a love question, but APPARENTLY i did.

[9:28:57 AM] Cassie: U ARE.

[9:29:12 AM] Cassie: Wanna get sentimental real quick? What is one thing you each love about the other?


[9:30:18 AM] Loretta: ONE THING? I cannot


[9:30:24 AM] Loretta: Don’t even. ONE? ha

[9:30:27 AM] Cassie: soooo sweeettt

[9:30:32 AM] Angela: I love Loretta’s spirit.  She is a beautiful soul, a great mother, and wonderful wife and fantastic friend.  Also, she will kick anyone’s ass that messes with someone she loves!

[9:30:41 AM] Cassie: YOU GUYS ARE PRECIOUS

[9:30:50 AM] Loretta: **Smack my bitch up**

[9:31:11 AM] Cassie: I love how much you love each other! 😀

[9:31:14 AM] Cassie: hahahaha

[9:31:17 AM] Angela: (((((Hugs)))))) all around

[9:31:26 AM] Loretta: (((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))

[9:31:34 AM] Cassie: ((((hugs back!))))

[9:31:54 AM] Loretta: (puke) [THIS IS A PUKING EMOTICON ON SKYPE]

[9:32:01 AM] Loretta: ooooh look it throws up

[9:32:01 AM] Angela: bwahaha


[9:32:06 AM] Cassie: that is hysterical

[9:32:31 AM] Cassie: NEXT

[9:32:34 AM] Loretta: GO!

[9:32:40 AM] Cassie: ANGELA! this one is for u

[9:32:53 AM] Angela: OOOO> JUST FOR ME< I”M SPECIAL!

[9:32:57 AM] Cassie: I know Loretta loves to craft, but what are some of YOUR other hobbies!?


[9:33:23 AM] Cassie: HAHAHHA loretta im dying at your dancing man emoticon right now

[9:33:30 AM] Loretta: workin it

[9:33:32 AM] Cassie: HES MOONWALKING

[9:34:09 AM] Angela: I cross-stitch, dance (badly), I’m a sports mom, I’m starting to get into walking/running and I love to cook!

[9:34:34 AM] Cassie: OH! YAY! Lots of those things sound fun! [except the runnning….]

[9:34:40 AM] Cassie: LOVE COOKING. <3

[9:34:42 AM] Angela: HAHAHAHA

[9:34:46 AM] Loretta: what is cross stich? A dance

[9:35:00 AM] Angela: Cross stitching is a craft my dear

[9:35:07 AM] Angela: stitching as in sowing

[9:35:07 AM] Loretta: OHHHHHHHHHH


[9:35:11 AM] Angela: I have some on my wall

[9:35:20 AM] Angela: I will show you next time you come over

[9:35:30 AM] Loretta: =)

[9:35:42 AM] Cassie: OKAY NEXT is…

[9:35:47 AM] Cassie: Both of you again.

[9:35:50 AM] Angela: YAY

[9:35:55 AM] Cassie: What is your FAVORITE thing about West Virginia?

[9:35:55 AM] Loretta: go.

[9:36:12 AM] Angela: The beautiful mountains/scenery/greenery

[9:36:14 AM] Loretta: MY MOUNTAINS!

[9:36:29 AM] Cassie: <333 i see some pics of urs sometimes [L] and i get SO jealous!!!

[9:36:35 AM] Loretta: Dude I cannot go to flat places. It’s like NO OXYGEN.

[9:36:47 AM] Cassie: well dont come here then! jersey is FLAT [except some]

[9:36:48 AM] Angela: RIGHT?!?!  WHERE ARE ALL THE TREES!

[9:37:16 AM] Cassie: I agree with this mountain concept.  i love them! wish we had more! i loved them when i went to visit my bro in WV

[9:37:22 AM] Loretta: I love this place! =) even though we could have a little more to do, it’s just… beautiful!

[9:37:47 AM] Cassie: 😀 AGREED

[9:37:48 AM] Angela: Yep, until it becomes an icy twisty mountain death trap…haha

[9:37:54 AM] Cassie: HAHAHAH.  NO GOOD

[9:38:22 AM] Loretta: Yeah. bad winters suck. But us WV(yuns) know how to drive in snow.

[9:38:32 AM] Cassie: OH LORD ur gonna kill me for the next question

[9:38:43 AM] Angela: HAHA, BRING IT BIATCH

[9:38:50 AM] Loretta: readyyyyyy

[9:38:53 AM] Cassie: Its another ONLY ONE….

[9:38:54 AM] Cassie: So

[9:39:09 AM] Cassie: If you could HARD CORE MAKE OUT with only ONE book guy, WHO would it be and WHY?

[9:39:24 AM] Angela: OH DEAR LORD IN HEAVEN

[9:39:33 AM] Cassie: I KNOW.  im so sorry!

[9:39:39 AM] Cassie: TAKE YOUR TIME.  ::drinks coffee::

[9:40:26 AM] Angela: Aiden MacRae, because he’s Scottish, skilled, gorgeous, a true gentlemen, and he forever owns my heart.  Also, he’s made sexy and wicked good in bed.

[9:40:42 AM] Loretta: sorry had to ninja crawl over the sleeping hubby to get my charger.

[9:40:42 AM] Cassie: FROM?

[9:40:51 AM] Angela: Between series by Cyndi Tefft


[9:41:04 AM] Angela: The one I’m making your read!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[9:41:07 AM] Angela: YAY!

[9:41:18 AM] Loretta: BONES!!!!! BONES. B.O.N.E.S

[9:41:25 AM] Angela: OMG! CRISPIN…hot damn

[9:41:41 AM] Angela: WHY do we have to pick one??? *weeps uncontrollably*

[9:42:24 AM] Cassie: Loretta, BONES from!? [im so bad!]

[9:42:29 AM] Cassie: and BECAUSE I SAID So

[9:42:39 AM] Angela: Night Huntress Series by Jeanine Frost

[9:42:43 AM] Cassie: if u wanna each pick threee… ill alloow it.  cuz i love u!

[9:42:57 AM] Loretta: Halfway To the Grave

[9:42:57 AM] Loretta: Halfway To the Grave

[9:44:45 AM] Loretta: 1.) BONES (Halfway to the Grave)



[9:44:59 AM] Angela: Puck – Iron Fey Series by Julie Kagawa – WHY?  He’s lived a wicked long time so you KNOW he’s learned some skills, plus he’s mischeivious …YUM

[9:45:12 AM] Loretta: And Toby, but only PLL tv series Toby!!

[9:45:19 AM] Cassie: BAHHH TOBYYYYY <3

[9:45:21 AM] Cassie: MY LOVEEE

[9:45:34 AM] Loretta: Why for mine is …. because they are hot and sexy, and uhhh… awesome!

[9:45:37 AM] Cassie: Loretta, cant wait to meet James and  love Harlin!

[9:45:48 AM] Cassie: Angela, i clearly need to pick up some of these books :)

[9:46:03 AM] Cassie: BAHAHAHAH ur such a bitch

[9:46:03 AM] Loretta: So annoying

[9:46:14 AM] Angela: #3 – Eric – Sinners on Tour Series by Olivia Cunning – he’s naughty, tattooed, a rock star, likes to play dirty games and is hilarious and oh so yummy!!!!!!!!!!

[9:46:23 AM] Cassie: TATTOOOOS <3 NOM NOM.

[9:46:28 AM] Loretta: He talks so slow. like Speak faster dude that shit is not cute

[9:46:36 AM] Cassie: ahhahahaha

[9:46:38 AM] Cassie: you’re right.

[9:46:56 AM] Loretta: but that towel is. :::Wiggles brows:::

[9:47:26 AM] Cassie: OHHH YES. <3

[9:47:28 AM] Loretta: Yeah, Eric likes to play dirty games alright.. 😉

[9:47:31 AM] Cassie: deeeelissshh.

[9:47:55 AM] Angela: hehehe, Loretta, wait until you get a little farthur in the series!! YUM.  I can’t wait for Wicked Beat!! Eric is my fav and I NEED his book!!!!!!!!!

[9:48:46 AM] Cassie: OKAY.  Next one is just Loretta 😉 [since Ang got her own!]

[9:48:55 AM] Angela: Sigh…

[9:49:03 AM] Loretta: oh god, i’m scared…

[9:49:08 AM] Loretta: :)

[9:49:10 AM] Cassie: NO NO, not at all! i was good

[9:49:22 AM] Loretta: (tmi)

[9:49:23 AM] Angela: I will go look at sexy pictures and keep myself occupied

[9:49:36 AM] Cassie: What is your current favorite band/artist to listen to? [PS i LOVEE the Veer Union since u told me about them]

[9:49:43 AM] Cassie: I WAS GOOD.  SEE!

[9:49:49 AM] Loretta: THE VEER UNION

[9:49:59 AM] Loretta: Oh my god. They are so GOOOOOOOOD

[9:50:17 AM] Cassie: THEY REALLY ARE!  I am gonna link a link to them on spotify below cuz i LOVE THEM.

[9:50:31 AM] Loretta: Silent Gun is my repeat over and over song of the moment

[9:50:43 AM] Cassie: i love TOO MANY.

[9:50:44 AM] Loretta: Evans Blue is really good too! =)

[9:51:01 AM] Angela: *pulls up spotify, plays VEER UNION*

[9:51:07 AM] Cassie: hmmm.  gotta look them up! U did good by me this time!

[9:51:14 AM] Cassie: HAHAHHA ANG, as u should!!

[9:51:48 AM] Loretta: Divided by the Blackened Sky is the CD I play OOVVVEEERRRR

[9:51:50 AM] Loretta: & over

[9:52:00 AM] Cassie: <3333

[9:52:20 AM] Loretta: So play that CD ang. It’s awesome.

[9:52:24 AM] Cassie: It is.

[9:52:29 AM] Cassie: OKAY LAST ONE.  for both of u

[9:52:31 AM] Cassie: obviously

[9:52:37 AM] Cassie: its three parts, ill do one by one 😉

[9:52:45 AM] Cassie: (ninja) [Ninja emoticon]

[9:52:54 AM] Angela: GO

[9:52:57 AM] Loretta: Shoot

[9:52:59 AM] Cassie: ONE.  What is your worst fear?

[9:53:03 AM] Loretta: Dying

[9:53:11 AM] Angela: Something happening to my son

[9:53:30 AM] Loretta: Let me explain. (DYING BEFORE MY KIDS ARE AT A DEPENDABLE AGE)

[9:54:07 AM] Cassie: Fair enough.

[9:54:22 AM] Angela: Parents….LOL

[9:54:31 AM] Loretta: Right, so Parents over here.

[9:54:37 AM] Cassie: Yes, ADORABLE :)

[9:54:59 AM] Cassie: & good responsible parents!!! (mm)

[9:55:08 AM] Loretta: Damn straight!! =)

[9:55:23 AM] Cassie: NEXT PART

[9:55:35 AM] Cassie: Would you be game enough to go SKY DIVING?

[9:55:39 AM] Angela: Yep

[9:55:53 AM] Angela: As long as I could research the person taking me first

[9:56:06 AM] Loretta: HELL NO

[9:56:15 AM] Cassie: ahahahaha.  Like a background check Angela!?

[9:56:20 AM] Loretta: I am not jumping out no plane! ARE YOU CRAZY

[9:56:22 AM] Cassie: and Loretta, RIGHT THERE WITH U

[9:56:23 AM] Loretta: Not

[9:56:30 AM] Loretta: DID YOU SEE MY FEAR.

[9:56:31 AM] Angela: Like – how long have they been doing it, ect.

[9:56:35 AM] Loretta: I’ll watch.

[9:56:40 AM] Cassie: hahahha me tooo!!!

[9:56:44 AM] Cassie: ill await ur return!

[9:56:53 AM] Loretta: I’ll go roller skating though. like a boss

[9:56:55 AM] Cassie: im a wuss.  jumping out a plane – NOT FOR ME

[9:57:01 AM] Cassie: bahahahah we can do that while waitin for ang!

[9:57:25 AM] Angela: HAHAHA I’ll talk your asses into eventually, once the kids are grown Loretta 😉

[9:58:05 AM] Loretta: No, when the kids are grown that’s my ::walking around the house bare:: time. Not jumping out no freaking plain,.

[9:58:15 AM] Cassie: HAHAHAHHAHAHA

[9:58:16 AM] Loretta: Wait is plain plane or plain?

[9:58:23 AM] Cassie: oh here we go!

[9:58:24 AM] Cassie: PLANE

[9:58:38 AM] Loretta: OK. Well no I am not jumping out no PLANE

[9:58:42 AM] Cassie: HAHAHAHHA

[9:58:52 AM] Loretta: I got to pee

[9:58:56 AM] Cassie: GO

[9:59:02 AM] Cassie: right before the last question, both of U!

[9:59:12 AM] Angela: back

[9:59:28 AM] Cassie: hahaha well now THIS one has to pee hahah

[9:59:37 AM] Cassie: so we’re waiting on the last last last question!

[9:59:50 AM] Angela: hahaha, sychronized peeing!

[10:00:00 AM] Cassie: hahahahah.  NOT SURPRISED

[10:00:03 AM] Loretta: ok done,

[10:00:05 AM] Loretta: back

[10:00:08 AM] Loretta: I’m here!!

[10:00:17 AM] Cassie: OKAY

[10:00:19 AM] Cassie: LAST ONE

[10:00:28 AM] Angela: I’m sure your readers are going to love reading about our bodily functions

[10:00:28 AM] Loretta: ready. set. go

[10:00:32 AM] Cassie: Would you eat a bug for $50,000

[10:00:36 AM] Loretta: Yes

[10:00:45 AM] Loretta: Wait. What bug

[10:00:48 AM] Angela: what kind of bug would be up for debate

[10:00:49 AM] Cassie: HMMMM

[10:01:04 AM] Loretta: Like a ant? Sure

[10:01:07 AM] Cassie: SEVERAL ants

[10:01:10 AM] Angela: yep!

[10:01:12 AM] Loretta: YES

[10:01:14 AM] Loretta: Sure.

[10:01:15 AM] Cassie: OR one spider.

[10:01:20 AM] Loretta: HGHGHISIGSHIGSS NO

[10:01:22 AM] Loretta: Not

[10:01:22 AM] Loretta: Never

[10:01:24 AM] Loretta: Ever

[10:01:24 AM] Angela: yeah

[10:01:24 AM] Loretta: Ever

[10:01:25 AM] Loretta: NO

[10:01:27 AM] Loretta: NOT

[10:01:27 AM] Angela: I would

[10:01:31 AM] Loretta: A SPIDER>

[10:01:31 AM] Cassie: HAHAHAHAHHHAH

[10:01:34 AM] Loretta: hell to the NO

[10:01:43 AM] Loretta: I cant even hardly KILL ONE


[10:01:34 AM] Loretta: hell to the NO

[10:01:43 AM] Loretta: I cant even hardly KILL ONE

[10:01:49 AM] Angela: DO they HAVE to be alive?

[10:01:56 AM] Loretta: Think I am going to pick one up & stick it in my mouth. Shit no

[10:02:02 AM] Loretta: AN ANT! YES

[10:02:23 AM] Cassie: HAHAHHA

[10:02:26 AM] Cassie: theyre dead already

[10:02:28 AM] Loretta: I dont care if it was alive, dead, drinking coffee chillin. That aint going no where near my mouth.

[10:02:36 AM] Angela: You have to keep going to see what I won’t eat for 50,000 Cass!

[10:02:46 AM] Cassie: HAHAHAHAH

[10:02:52 AM] Cassie: ANg! would u eat a caterpillar!?

[10:02:57 AM] Angela: HELL YEA

[10:02:58 AM] Loretta: Well dead cut up and added to a brownie. Sure

[10:03:06 AM] Cassie: A MOUSE!?

[10:03:08 AM] Angela: NO

[10:03:11 AM] Cassie: EWWWWWWWWWWWW

[10:03:11 AM] Loretta: You’re gross

[10:03:14 AM] Angela: that’s not a BUG

[10:03:15 AM] Cassie: brownie!?

[10:03:19 AM] Loretta: Why we gotta eat critters now?

[10:03:19 AM] Cassie: HAHAHHAAHHAH

[10:03:25 AM] Cassie: cuz she said to keep going!

[10:03:25 AM] Angela: A MOUSE IS NOT A BUG!!!!!!!!!

[10:03:27 AM] Loretta: I like brownies

[10:03:37 AM] Cassie: FINE

[10:03:39 AM] Cassie: a bee!

[10:03:42 AM] Cassie: A MOSQUITO!?

[10:03:43 AM] Angela: YeS!

[10:03:45 AM] Angela: YES

[10:03:52 AM] Loretta: I am not eating no mosquito

[10:04:05 AM] Loretta: They carry some type of bad stuff

[10:04:08 AM] Loretta: No.

[10:04:12 AM] Angela: I would for 50000

[10:04:20 AM] Loretta: I want to live to spend my 50,000

[10:04:26 AM] Loretta: A bee, sure. A small baby one

[10:04:29 AM] Angela: hahaha

[10:04:42 AM] Cassie: hahahahh small baby bees aare fineee!

[10:05:05 AM] Loretta: gross. all this bug eating talk, is freaking me out

[10:05:10 AM] Angela: BWAHAHAHA

[10:05:11 AM] Cassie: BAHAHAHAH

[10:05:13 AM] Cassie: its done its done

[10:05:15 AM] Cassie: CALM YOSELF.

[10:05:30 AM] Angela: People eat bugs as delicacies in some places, so I’m good with eating them for 50000

[10:05:52 AM] Angela: PS, I hate that I don’t have spell check on myself and have typos…hahahahaha

[10:05:55 AM] Loretta: Well. They can eat away at there chocolate covered crickets…

[10:05:52 AM] Cassie: OKAY.  BOTH OF YOU lovelyyy Reading Angels! YOU HAVE SURVIVED this CHAT WITH CASS.  LOVELLYYY having you both! and please say BYE to our readers!!!

[10:06:12 AM] Angela: Buh bye Cass readers!!!!!!!!!  Love your faces!!!!!!!!!!!!

[10:06:14 AM] Loretta: LETS DUAL

[10:06:26 AM] Loretta: BYE. assholes =)

[10:06:29 AM] Angela: Thanks for having us Cass!!  It was an awesome dual, and no blood was drawn!


[10:06:41 AM] Cassie: NO BLOOD!

[10:06:47 AM] Loretta: Thanks dude it was fun. =)

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  1. WHEW. This is one LONG interview, but fun to read! I will say that the one thing that stuck with me is that Loretta likes historical romances. WOOHOO. Fellow historical romance fan right here!

    • Yes she does!! And my goodness it was LONG! we then all three video chatted for nearly 2 hrs after as well hahah 😀

    • I do, I do. =)

  2. This is the longest chat ever. But sure duper fun it was =)

    <3 <3

    • It sure as hell was!

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