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Liza Palmer Party: The Food

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Liza Palmer Party: The Decor

So, today I get to share a recipe with you that is based off of a scene in Girl Before A Mirror!  Now since, I don’t bake, instead of sweet potato pie I’m doing my Mom’s classic sweet potato recipe with marshmallows!


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We Are Moving!

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movingAs you may have heard on Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest, Books With Cass will be no more as of SUNDAY, February First.  But, before you get all teary eyed I need you to PERK ON UP!  We are simply MOVING!  My time with Books With Cass has been nothing short of wonderful, but I have merely grown out of this PARTICULAR space.  

That being said, I am moving to new territory! More food, more books, more tech, more organization, and even more photorgraphy! The Casserole: Dishing up a little bit of everything GOES LIVE Sunday!  This post is being published today merely on technicality.  Things need to get up and running before hand so its a smooth transition!  I am SO excited for this new adventure, and I hope you will join me!

Oh, and since you’ve been SO PATIENT, a TEENY sneak carpet prom dresses

I have been BEYOND hard at work finishing the design for you guys, and I have to thank Rachel from Citrus and Mint who has been a absolute joy to work with and helped me with the cute food graphics you’ll see once the site is live! 


Again – thank you for all the love & support, and I’ll see you on SUNDAY at THE CASSEROLE!


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Liza Palmer Party: The Music

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The Liza Palmer Party in honor of the release of Girl Before a Mirror continues today with an important part of any celebration: the music! One of my favorite moments in this book is a scene where Anna talks about music. She prides herself on listening to a “certain kind” of music and sneaks “guilty pleasure” songs into her respectable playlists. I’ll let you read the book to find out how another character reacts to that little secret…
This book was just begging for its own soundtrack, so Hannah and I got to work. Girl Before a Mirror begins with the lyrics from the song below, so we absolutely had to highlight this beauty first. And below that you’ll find a playlist of twenty songs we felt represented emotions or scenes in this book. The playlist follows the order of the book, but we’re sharing the lyrics for the ten songs I picked my blog and Hannah has the lyrics for the last ten songs!
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Liza Palmer Party: The Decor

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lizapalmerpartyAs you know – Hannah and I are having a bit of a Liza Palmer Party this week! We are celebrating the release of Liza’s new book, Girl Before A Mirror.  It deserves SO MUCH LOVE.  You’ll be getting music, food, book recs, gift guides, and wallpapers this week.  Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite quotes from the novel in the form of… you guessed it, phone wallpapers!  Ladies and gentlemen… welcome to the


Liza Palmer Party: The Decor

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Liza Palmer Party: The Invite

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Liza Palmer Party: The DecorSo, in celebration of the release of Girl Before A Mirror, Hannah and I have concocted some fun posts!  This time around we’re putting our OWN spin on this weeks Top Ten Tuesday post!lizattt

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