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An Entirely Not Bookish Obsession..

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MLMB20If you hadn’t read so on Twitter, now you can know I am going to see my ALL-TIME favorite band today.  I am so, so, so excited, and at the last moment I wanted to try to relay to you all why I love this band so much.  Not so you start magically listening to them, but so maybe you can understand why this makes me SO happy, why THEY make me so happy.




RTpicI’ve been obsessed with the lead singer for over 15 years, he has an amazing voice, and is just a nice genuine guy.  He also writes BEAUTIFUL lyrics that have gotten me through  both good times and bad.  If you don’t know who he is, he was seen on The Voice this past season as a coach.


The extent of their writing ability, has given me a song for literally EVERY moment…

When my BEST friends moved away..[Can’t Let You Go]



Through Breakups.. [Hand Me Down]

handmedownThrough Wanting to ROCK OUT!  [Disease]


Through LOVE <3 [Overjoyed]


And honestly guys, there are SO MANY more.  This band, is one of those that I feel like they’ve been a friend to me in my time of need.  And trust me, I’m pretty sure this may sound crazy.  But, if you do understand, and you have a band/singer that means THAT much to you, let me know who it is and why, and even share some lyrics [I LOVE LYRICS] in the comments below!  I hope that all of you have a band that plays this role in your life.  It has made me a fuller more complete person listening to these songs, and I will be forever indebted to Matchbox Twenty for creating them, and helping me, EVERY step of the way.

Lastly, I share with you a Spotify playlist so you can experience Matchbox Twenty [skip the Tabitha’s Secret songs, lol!]

A few recs:  Disease, Stop, Feel, Bright Lights, Downfall, Englishtown, Lonely No More [Solo], This is How a Heart Breaks [Solo]

Enjoy the playlist here!

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Book Bites: Confessions of an Angry Girl Gets Saucy

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The new feature in which I bring you recipes that I feel are affiliated with certain books!  A delightful bi-monthly treat that will hopefully get you all cookin’!

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Under the Ever Night Read Along!

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Let Me Get a HELL YES.


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Expectations: The Mother Effer

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 So, as I wasn’t planning on writing this, but it suddenly came to me..I’m going to [attempt to] keep it short.

Upon reading, I was suddenly thinking about expectations.  The hype machine, and all that jazz.  Expectations [like mine with Gone Girl, and Just One Day] can make or break us. Sometimes, we go into books just expecting greatness because of our friends, or because it was written by our favorite author, or, did you SEE THAT COVER?

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What’s Yours Like?: TBR Edition

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Ever hear of the game What’s Yours Like?  Well, if you have, then you know your supposed to describe YOURS as briefly as possible.  This week, we’re talking TBR Lists.  I want to know, What’s Yours Like?

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